Katherine Scarlett - 'The Drifter'

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Katherine Scarlett - 'The Drifter'

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Real Name: Katherine 'Kay' Scarlett
Nicknames: Drifter
Age: 22
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Blue with black streaks
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 119 lb
Nationality: Canada
Alignment: Face

Entrance Music:
What's Wrong

Despite being a Drifter living in the rough, none can deny that Kay is a beautiful woman to behold. Often she dresses in a tomboyish style, but holds more than enough femininity to her. Her body is stunning and well defined, as she has been able to keep in good shape, especially her midriff area.

She owns little clothes, and thus often wrestles in her normal outfit, minus her jacket and barefooted when in the ring.

Naturally having fallen on rough times, Kay is a survivor by nature. Her time in jail and her time on the streets have made her somewhat quiet and secluded. She is out to make money to pay off her debts to those she believed she wronged, and fighting is all she is really good at. She is somewhat guarded around others, but behind the quiet persona is someone who is willing to stand up for those who cant defend themselves.

Kay has a never quit mentality, and will give it her all in every style of match.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Kay can be defined as more of a fighter and brawler then a wrestler at times, focusing on strikes and takedowns rather than actual wrestling moves until the latter part of a match. Kay relies heavily on her own toughness and unreal stamina, looking to evade or endure an enemies onslaught and looking to have them tire themselves out over the duration of the match. Kay will launch her own counter attack when she sees evidence of fatigue, looking to take the match.

Style: Brawling, Takedowns, Some Ariel
Type: Defensive & Counter

Preferred Attacks: Strikes, takedowns

Preferred Matches:

Attitude To Hentai: Very mild, very private (Kissing & Groping, nothing hardcore)


In Ring

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★★★ - Kay has been beat down most of her life. She had a rough time in jail which toughened her up, and similarly deals with trouble whilst on the streets. The whole experiance has toughened the Drifter up to make this lightweight a hard opponent to keep down, able to take all kinds of punishment and keep going even against hard hitting heavyweights.
Strength ★★★★ - Though lacks strength to lift the likes of a heavyweight, Kay makes up for it in striking power. A good right hook from Kat can make even the toughest cringe in agony.
Speed ★★★★ - Kay is decent on her feet and her strikes are quick. Her standing game is her strongest aspect. She is fast on her feet, but certainly not the quickest in the federation compared to others.
Defence ★★★★★ - Kay is highly defensive, able to properly guard and scramble free of even powerful stronger heavyweights. Her time in jail had her up against powerful foes and she had to learn to defend herself. As such she has brought her experience to the ring and is well guarded for onslaughts, often looking to outlast her enemies before launching a counter attack against tiring foes.
Technique ★★★ - Kay lacks some finesse but with training from her friend Clara has developed some flash to please onlookers. Kay prefers to keep things basic, but is prone to a show stopping moment.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes ★★★★★ - Striking is Kay's strong game. Her punches and kicks can rock even heavyweight wrestlers if she catches them right, making her a dangerous opponent even against opposition twice her size.
Submissions ★★★- Kay is fairly skilled with submissions, though relies on the basics more then anything complicated. Sleepers, scissors and chokes are all well applied, but she struggles with anything more complex.
Powerhouse ★★★- She can lift her own weight class and even middleweight at a push, but it will be taxing. She can slam decently but relies more on takedowns and using momentum against opponent, and soley relies on clever takedowns for heavyweight oppisition she cannot lift.
Aerials - ★★★★. Doesn't use the turnbuckle as often as she should, but has come to surprise opponents and viewers when she does. Most of her movelist on the turnbuckle is basic but effective, especially her strikes!
Counters ★★★★- Kay is surprisingly good at countering. She can trade blow for blow striking wise and often has a good grasp of escaping submission holds and sometimes even countering them into one of her own. Her alarming flexibility makes her capable of slipping out of or enduring otherwise brutal holds.

Match Ending Moves

Signature Move
Vagabond Lock: Sleeperhold with bodyscissors combination

Finishing Moves
Wayfarer: (Phenomenal Forearm) - Can be used against all opponants and can be pulled off from any form of high ground.

Nomad Slam: (Bossman Slam) - Used only on lightweight - middleweight opponants.

Katherine Scarlett unfortunately had a troubled upbringing. Though Canadian born, Kat was brought up in the United States in an orphanage after her parents died in a tragic accident when they moved to America. With no other family to go to, she was taken to the orphanage, one of which was not a great establishment. As such, when Kat was old enough to leave she fell in with the wrong crowd and found herself becoming a criminal.

An incident occurred however during one of her criminal activities when an innocent family child was hurt. Kat realised what she was doing was wrong, and turned herself into the police, as well as informing on the terrible gang she used to be a part of. Having taken part in criminal activities, Katherine was sentenced for time in jail, along with the gang she used to be a part of. She spent a few years in juvenile prison, becoming victim to many beatings from her former gang.

It was her time in this jail that toughened her up however, as each beating nearly every night simply and slowly made her stronger. She went from being beaten down, to being able to fend for herself. Soon enough the gang was discouraged from attacking her any further when she could finally hold her own against them, and finally they left her alone. Due to turning herself in and informing, Kat only had a reduced sentence, and as such only spent two years in adult prison when she was old enough. She was soon released.

When out, she found out that the family she caused so much grief was struggling to make ends as they could barely afford to pay for their child's insurance. Guilt ridden, Kat dedicated her time to trying to make money to fund his treatment. What was worst, her old orphanage was threatening to be closed down, meaning the children would end up even worst off then she had been. Unable to secure a job to make money and help with payments, Kat ended up in the streets, which soon turned her path to underground fighting.

Her record was decent there, but she was in it just to make money for the family she had ruined and the orphanage that had brought her up. She was in luck as a scout from the LAW would eventually catch sight of her on one of her better nights in the underground circuit, and offered her a contract in Japan. Though the money wasn't much better, Kat felt troubled taking part in illegal underground fighting, and knew this was a more honest and legal approach. She took up the opportunity and now is a Drifter in Japan, using her money made from fights in the LAW to keep her orphanage afloat and also keep on making payments to the family she wronged so many years ago.

Though Katherine lives rough on the streets and on small income due to her sacrifices, she feels more upbeat about herself, knowing she is doing the right thing. She will do anything to keep the money coming in for her orphanage, and if that takes reaching towards the top of the LAW, then perhaps that is where she should stride.

None as of yet.

Irelia Xu:- Irelia found Katherine on the street outside one of the closed LAW gyms during a particularly bad stormy night. With the weather conditions getting worse and the city mostly closed off for the oncoming downpour of storm, Irelia took Katherine in and housed her. She has allowed Katherine to stay ever since, and though Kat is reluctant to do so, she cannot deny that Irelia has been nothing but kind and caring to her.

The two have become friends since, with Kat currently residing in Irelia's house rent free. (Although Drifter finds she has been subjected to many playful bed wrestling sessions since her arrival.)




GASTER:- Since befriending Clara, Kay has developed stronger feelings for her over time. Kay took a risk by all but letting her feelings be known through her actions around Clara rather then words, purposely trying to get closer to the British Wrestler during a stormy night in which Kay was forced to stay over. Clara however did not seemingly share such feelings from Kay's perspective. As such, Kay has made no further efforts to try and win Clara over, respecting her too much and having no desire to lose her as a good friend.

However her feelings for Clara still remain strong. Even if the feeling is not mutual, Kay remains a strong friend and ally of Clara's, helping her through the thick and thin of wrestling whenever she can.
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