Erika Destiny - The Cosplay Gamer Nerd

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Erika Destiny - The Cosplay Gamer Nerd

Unread post by RiotGrrl » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:44 pm

Name: Erika Destiny - The Cosplay Nerd
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 119ibs
Nationality: German
Alignment: Tweener/Heel
Entrance music: TBA

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Users her staggering amount of costumes to tease and taunt rivals, throwing them off guard, along with her corny jokes
Style: Wrestling
Type: Loves the spotlight. Will humiliate a rival if it makes her look better
Preferred Matches: Softcore, Tag, Handicap , Smother

Favored moves: Smothers, Slams, Suplex, High Flying Moves, Leg Drop, Scissors, Sleepers, Stinkfaces, Cocky Pins, Bulldog


Game Over: Erika will grab a kneeling rivals arm and user her incredible flexibility to hook her leg behind their head, before falling back to crash down to the canvas and plant their face into it. (Leg Drop DDT)
Cosplayer Crush: Erika will whip her dazed rival into the ropes and when they bounce back she will turn away from them, jump and butt bump them down to the canvas, often landing on their chest if she can. She stays sat in this position for a pin attempt, more often than not shuffling back to smother their face. If not she will grab them and roll them up (Rear View)

Physical Appearance:

Sexy OfficerShow
German Beer Maid CosplayShow
Post Workout Fan Club PictureShow
Happy ChristmasShow
Personality/Past: Erika is a total nerd. She makes corny jokes all the time and will use them to frustrate and annoy her rivals into making a mistake. She is an avid gamer and makes her living outside of wrestling as a part time Cosplayer. She has fans from all around the world who pay lots of money to see her and will queue for days just to get an autograph. Despite her comical attitude, Erika is actually a fully qualified Nurse. However she decided against working in health care because it wasnt glamorous enough.

When she was 19 she dated a guy who streamed on YouTube and Twitch. She saw the sheer amount of hits and was hooked! Erika wanted a piece of that adulation and fame. At a Halloween party she dressed up as Morrigan from Darkstalkers and the rest was history! Then she found Professional Wrestling. It was a chance to be every character she could think of on the biggest stage. She excelled at the developmental stages of LAW and with her new contact signed, she is ready to take on all other lightweights.

Wrestling Attire: Absolutely anything game or cosplay related. Take your pick.
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