Yuudachi Kunikida

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Yuudachi Kunikida

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Full Name: Yuudachi "Poi" Kunikida
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 116 pounds
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light cherry red
Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener

Preferred match types: Submission only, hentai, body to body only, pins only

Fighting Style:
Yuudachi is a very aggressive wrestler who prefers to overwhelm her opponents with both arousal and submissions broken up by acrobatic throws. While her style is simple from the onset, it's balanced by her creativity and willingness to adapt on the fly, covering up for her shortcomings by simply striking and slamming into the enemy repeatedly. The only time she slows down is for tricky submissions or body to body actions. The latter is particularly amusing to watch; Yuudachi has some of the most aggressive body to body rubbing and grinding, going at it like a while animal in heat. While she is a lightweight, she has a well built body she loves to put to use, caring little for her opponent's level of build as long as she can get them as horny as she is. She is also pretty nasty with her strikes, having a quasi-boxing esque approach and can unleash kicks quickly in order to finish off a chain of blows.

Favored Moves:
Yuudachi loves to pounce on her opponents so tackles and charges are in her range of specialty along with furious sweeping kicks and body blows with her fists. Arm bars and chickenwing armlocks are her most common holds and she also enjoys sleepers frontal and rear. Backflip splashes, combined with hard belly flexing, and knee drops onto her opponent's back see frequent usage. For throws, the bulldog is one of her favourites along with the arm DDT, the electric chair drop and tumbling throws, using her opponent's own size and momentum to send them flying. She's able to perform frankensteiners as well, often leading into crushing head and/or neck scissors. When it comes to body to body, she sometimes sideways cross-body pins, furiously grinding her abs over her opponent's and attempting to pin them down if only to coax more flexing and subsequent frictious action.

Finishing Moves:

"Titan Breaker" - So named for having taken out a few heavyweights, this acrobatic move is essentially a couple of blows to the head but it's done with an acrobatic aggressiveness that makes it awesome to behold. Leaping onto a standing opponent's back, she clings like a monkey and smashes both elbows into their forehead, immediately then grabbing their arms and crossing them over their face. Falling back she raises her knees and smashes the back of their forehead against them, leaving them dazed and vulnerable to additional attacks.

"Devil's Kiss" - This extremely lewd combination of arm submission and making out doesn't do *too* much damage compared to other submissions but against highly aroused opponents it can prove extremely effective. Approaching a downed opponent from the side, Yuudachi ensnares one arm between her own and twists it behind their back while the other is forcefully put under her opponent's chin and twisted towards her. Shen she moves her head in and pries their lips open with hers, aggressively kissing and sucking away at their air.

"Hungry Fangs" - Forcing an opponent to bend over, Yuudachi grabs their arms and kicks off their back, falling back down with both knees smashing down hard. It's simple but ferocious!



Yuudachi is known for being very hyper and ever eager to get stuck in. She is described as friendly if maybe a little too friendly, having hands that tend to wander and a personality that's always ready to rush to the next thing. However she does care for her friends and doesn't mind having to suffer for them. In spite of being a lightweight, she doesn't mind bigger girls and some might say she likes to befriend them more often. While she's not always much of a thinker, she is very considerate and cuddly, and pays a lot of attention to how her friends feel. She can be quite merciless and mean to those she deems to be unfair and mean, but she's working on holding back her raw aggression.


A schoolgirl delinquent and dropout, Yuudachi had a turnaround as many young women her age did. Most however, didn't accomplish this by joining a wrestling league staffed by assertive, sexually expressive lesbians and bisexuals. Being one of the smaller fish in the pond was an exercise in humility for Yuudachi but it also caused her to make alliances that eventually turned into friendships and improve her ability to coexist and cooperate with others. Having gone from a rough around the edges bully to a friendly if somewhat pushy wrestler, Yuudachi became one of the league's biggest supporters and was quite sad when LAW absorbed it. However she's thrown herself at this new league and hopes she can have a most wonderful party there~


Character appearance + fitness level

In spite of her short stature and youth, Yuudachi has eagerly thrown herself into fitness. Her body lacks the volume of muscle and toning of older wrestlers but its raw, girlish charm is quite notable. She's far from soft; while some softness is still visible on her body whenever she stretches or strains lines of understated definition and power quickly manifest. Her abs are still developing from training but firm in their shape while her arms are surprisingly well fleshed out and powered for a lightweight. Her legs have a bit of softness and slight flab to them as well though her muscles there are starting to show in each leg lock squeeze she performs.


Match Record

Yuudachi/Suzuya/Tatsuta/Takao/Nagato vs Mio - Win
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