Haku Yowane

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Haku Yowane

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Real Name: Haku Yowane
Birthday: February 14, 1996
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Silver
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: None

Preferred Matches: Smother, Knockout, Submission, Hentai, Bedroom
Preferred Moves: Any type of smothers, Any type of sleeper hold, Any type of camel clutch, bearhug

Personality: Haku is a very quiet, reserved girl in and out of the ring. She's normally very meek but is what one would call a closet-pervert. She enjoys being smothered and knocked out but is fine with dishing out the punishment if she needs to.
Haku's main attire
Haku's second attire
Haku's third attire
Haku's bikini
History: Haku's history is not any different than your typical Japanese girl. She grew up in Tokyo city, living a boring life with her parents and went to school. Throughout her childhood, she had a boring routine. Wake up, get dressed, go eat breakfast, hug dad, kiss mom, walk to school, study hard, eat lunch, walk home from school, study, take bath, hug dad, eat dinner, study, and go to bed. This was her routine until she entered high school. In high school, she was starting to hit puberty and her body was developing. Her breasts were starting to develop and some girls were jealous and had devised a way to make embarrass. One day, Haku received a fake love letter asking her to go to the gym storage house, where a group of girls had been waiting for her and jumped her. They would smother Haku with their breasts, ass, crotch, putting Haku in several submission holds before finally after school, they left her there in the storage house. Haku laid on the mattress, regaining conscious when the girls left and contemplated what had just happened to her. While she was certainly humiliated, she had this weird feeling inside. For some reason, she had found it enjoyable. She went home that night, not telling her parents what had happened and did her nightly routine but instead of going to bed after dinner, she went to her laptop and searched wrestling videos. She immediately fell in love with wrestling. Albeit she never actually got any actual practice in before turning 18.
When she was 18, Haku went to university and joined the wrestling club. She was pretty bad at first but soon she became competent though she would still lose all her matches. Eventually, Haku decided to drop out of university when she saw an add for LAW. It was new but it seemed really interesting. So Haku would travel to LAW's main office in order to apply for a position. She was a bit surprised that she was actually approved to become a wrestler considering her crappy performance in the interview but she guessed the company needed some jobbers. Haku wasn't stupid, she knew she wasn't going to be some world champ, but if she was able to get a job she enjoyed and could pay the bills, she didn't really care.

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