Kanari Airashi

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Kanari Airashi

Unread post by Dokki » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:25 am

qt★Kanari Airashi

Name Kanari Airashi
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 4.7
Weight: 112 lbs
Nationality: Japan
Alignment: Face/Jobber


Tactics = ★ – Kanari only recently received basic wrestling training teaching her how to perform basic moves and apply simple holds. She has not learned when the best time to perform said moves or any sort of strategy.

Strength = ★★ – Kanari enjoyed playing sports in P.E. during her time in school and is probably the most athletically fit member of her idol group but she is still physically weak when compared to actual professional wrestlers.

Endurance = ★★★ – Having received extensive dance training with her idol group, Kanari is capable of performing for a considerable amount of time without tiring. Enduring submission moves; however, is a different story. Kanari hates pain and will quickly submit to end her suffering if no opportunities for escape present itself.

Speed =★★★★– Kanari’s small size allows her to move quickly. Besides being fast, Kanari is also quite agile and often performs gymnastic moves to entertain the crowd.

Technique = ★★ – Having only received a crash course on pro wrestling, Kanari can only perform basic moves and even those come off as somewhat sloppy. Kanari can; however, pull off cartwheels and high flying moves thanks to her background as a pop idol.

Favorite Moves:

Throws- Fireman’s Carry, Northern Light’s Suplex, Brain Buster,

Strikes- Slaps, Kicks, Flying Shoulder, Rolling Elbow, Drop Kick, Flying Hip Attack

Submissions- Cobra Twist, Sleeper Hold, Half Boston Crab, Cross Arm-bar

Aerial- Plancha Suicida, Guillotine Drop, Diving Body Press, Diving Body Attack, Missile Kick


Final Encore
Kanari first traps her opponent in a full nelson hold. She then proceeds to pull them upward before performing a sitting drop, smashing them bottom first onto the mat in a sitting position. She can then either go for a pin or transition to a full nelson Camel Clutch.


Kanari has short Reddish brown hair and light blue eyes. The pop idol is almost always seen wearing a charming smile which has earned her the nickname “qt” and earned her fans across Japan.
In the ring, Kanari wears a much more provocative version of her usual idol attire. Her outfit consists of a small white top that only covers her chest is affixed with a yellow bow and red ribbons. Her hands are clad in red fingerless gloves. Further down she wears white low rise bikini bottoms and a red belt with two black bows on either side of her hips. On her upper thighs, Kanari wears frilly red garters. Kanari’s footwear consists of a pair of red wrestling boots.


Kanari Airashi enjoyed a successful career as the member of a teen pop idol group, Supa Suito. After graduating high school, Kanari continued performing with her group all across japan. When she was nineteen, Kanari’s idol group launched a cross promotional campaign with the LAW wrestling organization. As part of the agreement, Kanari would undergo training to become a pro-wrestler to try and promote her group.


Kanari is a kind and cheerful young woman who tries her best to make others happy. As a wrestler she lacks both skill and strength but still tries hard in an effort to promote her idol group and put on an entertaining show. Kanari is somewhat pacifistic and dislikes hurting others. She will often release her opponent’s from submission holds early out of fear she might hurt them and will apologize after performing big moves. To make up for her incompetence as a fighter, Kanari utilizes the acrobatic abilities she acquired from being an idol to entertain the crowd. While she would like to win, Kanari isn’t really bothered by losing as doesn’t consider herself a real wrestler, though she would like to avoid pain as much as possible.

Her Friends
Expensive Dessert

Spicy Curry
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