Carly Connors

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Carly Connors

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Name: Carly Connors
Age: 20
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 111 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Babyface


Personality & Past

Carly is a typical bookworm, having a polite and friendly approach to new acquaintances. She isn't the most outgoing person in the world, but she has certain interests she gets excited about and can start to open up to people after spending some time getting to know them and those who get to know her are often surprised how fun she can be, often being the source of laughter. She is a hard worker, wanting to prove herself when she is doubted due to her smaller size. When she wants to learn something new, all it takes is a couple of all nighters and she will have memorized what it takes, having a sharp, possibly eidetic memory. However, putting that new skill into practice is all more different than exactly executing it, especially when it comes to the ring. She suffers from a hint of stage fright, often letting more confident and charismatic people walk over her. She also gets irritated when girls with gifted bodies flaunt to the crowd, possibly due to the underdevelopment of her own.

The cousin of a well known heavyweight champion, Carly's family expected much from her, and Carly was interested in joining the industry as a kid, coming up with all kinds of tag moves, but as she grew up, her body didn't and she was drawn more to academics, her interests shifting more to marine biology. Her parents were not happy, but still supported her choice, but she could tell things were starting to change. Her family was not home as often, traveling to see her cousin's matches more and more. On her high school graduation day, she was the valedictorian, and was set to give a rousing speech before moving on to college. However, in the front row, where two seats for her parents were reserved sat empty. They had skipped their own daughter's graduation to see her cousin compete in a championship match and hadn't even told her. From then on, she disavowed herself, moving to college on her own merit. After a couple years of her major, she had the opportunity to take an internship in Japan. She was excited, though at this point money was starting to run tight, to the point she had to house in a capsule hotel before finding a nice couple that offered to take her in. During her internship, it was pointed by her lab partner about a nearby wrestling promotion recruiting new talent through a Young Lioness program. While hesitant to take the opportunity, she was in need of the money and did have certain connections, so after some paperwork and interviews she was given a developmental contract to LAW, nervous but eager to make an impact.


Strategy: Carly looks to work the limbs and keep her opponents trapped where they won't be able to reach her. She uses her small body to avoid hits from larger foes, able to outspeed most anyone, lettering in track during her high school days enough to earn a minor athletic scholarship. She has learned to transition this speed into basic high flying moves, but nothing too complicated, constantly learning as much as she can, either from books or from watching more experienced competitors from backstage, keeping a notebook handy at all times.

Preferred Attacks: Dropkicks, Single Leg Crabs, Scissors, Armbars, Joint Locks

Preferred Matches: Standard


General Stats
-Endurance: 3.5/5 - She isn't exactly a tank but she won't go down from a single hit either
-Strength: 2/5 - She can lift boxes as well as the next person, but anything at or above her own body weight will likely overwhelm her
-Speed: 4.5/5 - She lettered in track, so she can have some surprising speed bursts, able to dodge hits from larger and slower folks
-Defense: 3/5 - Able to turtle well, can get out of the way of moves she can see coming
-Technique: 4/5 - Able to read or see a move and after some short practice can often replicate the technique, though can struggle in the actual match when her foe is fighting back

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 3.5/5
-Submissions: 4/5
-Power Moves: 2/5
-Aerial Moves: 3/5
-Counters: 3.5/5


Signature Moves

Repeated Corner Dropkicks

Triangle Choke

Knee Bar


Frog Splash

Shining Wizard

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