Amano Jaku vs Michelle Bennett

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Amano Jaku vs Michelle Bennett

Unread post by winner3 »

Hentai Match: Victory to be awarded via forcing the opponent to climax. The winner will move on to compete in the Semifinals of the Hentai Title Tournament

-Winner's Winners/Full Roster

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Re: Amano Jaku vs Michelle Bennett

Unread post by dlamp »

This... felt kind of nuts to be honest. Tonight was going to be a first of many for Amano.

Her first tournament entry for one. Amano had to admit, she kind of jumped on board this ship without doing much research on it. She knew it was a Hentai tournament (well, Sexfight tournament technically) that Tachibana Rei was pushing to breath some life into the division, but aside from that she didn't know much. Not about the people joining it, not about the kinds of personalities involved, very little... at least until she got the general gist of the roster. Middle and Heavyweights galore. A lot of big girls wanting to (literally) throw their weight around to try and get at that prized Sexfight Belt. And the tiny Demon was the only Lightweight among this tournament it seemed... which was a bit of a worry. Her flashback to her match with Eirina Makishima still had her gut reeling a little.

But that was in a proper wrestling match, sexfighting was a different beast.

In a battle of sex appeal and forcing orgasms, the Demon might have a decent shot. There was a big different between surviving a backbreaker and surviving a handjob after all. So there was hope. "Still kinda' wish Tsuki-chan or Sora-chan joined..." Lunar was basically the only Lightweight the Demon knew to be focused on hentai fights, and Lorelei was definitely a good rival in terms of sexfighting if her debut and their spars taught Amano anything. It was a shame... but that meant all eyes would be on her as the representative of Lightweights everywhere for this tournament! She couldn't let her kouhai down!

"Ah, right." Speaking of representing, might as well do a bit of PR. So, she pulled out her phone, typing away.

@Aiki_Demon wrote:Your favorite Demon's in a tournament now!

Guess I'm the only Lightweight wanting a sexy throwdown with the big girls 😗😗Kinda' sad, but whatevs

Oh, but I'm showing off my new look here too, so get hype for it! Amano-Jaku is reborn!😈

#LightweightRepresent #DemonRampage #H1Climax

"... ... ..." Amano stared at the tweet. It felt... kind of flat. "Oh!" She smirked, typing out another tweet.

@KiyoKiyo @crescentmoon @mrs_blue_sky

Hope you three watch this match /real/ close. Feel free to DM me later if you wanna' act out of what I'm gonna' do to my opponent when we're alone 😈😈😈

"Kehehe~" With that done, she turned off her phone and set out for the stage.

"From Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at 48 kilograms and measuring at 157 centimeters! Representing Maizono Textiles, the Taishuya School of Martial Arts, AND the Lightweight Division! The Rascal Demon, Amanoooo! Jaaaakuuuuu!"

And just as the Japanese instruments and chanting of her theme blared out, Amano appeared in a fog of blackened mist, the yellow features on her outfit shining as the Demon walked out onto the stage. And true to her words, she was where and much updated look for her. Her yellow eye were shining bright against her now black scleras thanks to her new colored contact. Her long blonde hair was now tied in wild twintails that were left undyed, giving the impression of black devil horns thanks to her natural hair color. And while she wore her typical black and yellow kimono, she now had oni-shaped kneepads on for style and protection, along with bright yellow ribbons around her ankles with oni-faces on them and special black foot protectors. Still barefoot by most accounts, but just a bit of color around her feet to make them pop out a long with her. But the biggest detail of all the the mask. A small demon mask that only covered the lower end of her face. Only an entrance thing for now, but she might as well debut it here too.

The embodiment of a sexy demon fighter by Amano's account, and the crowd popped off at the sight of it. Admittedly more cheers and whistles, but that was to be expected. This was a Sexfight, not a wrestling match, and Amano was set to have her opponent wailing in pleasure throughout this match.

And once she was finally in the ring, after showing off her body to the crowd, she pulled her mask off, showing her smirking face before tossing the thing, the crowd reaching a crescendo as she took her place at her corner.

Amano Jaku had arrived.


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