"The King" Bella King

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"The King" Bella King

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Full Name: Isabella King
Age: 23
Hair Color: Red (Naturally brown)
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'8/173cm
Weight: 150lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Nationality: British (Manchester, England)
Preferred matches: No DQ, KO only, Backstage Brawl, Hentai. Has nothing she'll outright refuse to do though.

Fighting Style:
Bella is a master martial artist, specialising in Karate but also practising other styles to round her fighting style out. Having been trained in the martial arts since a young age her strikes are to be feared as they have enough speed and power behind them to give even the biggest and strongest of wrestlers reason to think twice before trying to take her on in hand-to-hand combat. She is a martial arts prodigy, and when it comes to striking there are few women in the LAW roster who can match her. She insists that in a contest of pure striking she won't lose to anybody, though how much of this statement is truth and how much is arrogance remains to be seen.

As frightening as her martial arts abilities are they aren't always enough, so when the going gets tough Bella isn't afraid to rely on her street fighting background every now and then and fight dirty; eye pokes, hair grabbing, crotch shots, if she feels threatened she'll fall back on just about any dirty trick in the book. Thanks to her experience in street fighting she is also quite adept at taking advantage of the environment during a fight, using walls and rails to her advantage as well as making use of weapons to change the course of the fight in her favour.

As much as Bella loves to play rough and beat people down with punches and kicks she gets just as much enjoyment out of the softer side of wrestling, she is more than happy to get lewd with all the attractive men and women in LAW and use her buxom body to her advantage. If she feels the situation calls for it she is not at all shy about sitting on someone's face or committing sexual acts, though generally this is not her go-to move if the match she is in doesn't call for such tactics and will only do so if it's appropriate for the tone of the match or if her opponent provokes her into doing it.

Signature moves:
-King Kick: A standard roundhouse kick whose extravagant name comes from its power. This is a kick that Bella has thrown countless times, and through intense training and repetition she has honed it to the point that it can be a potential knockout blow to even the biggest of women. She has mastered this move well enough to apply it in a number of situations, making it a versatile and deadly tool in her already dangerous arsenal.
-Royal Suplex: A fisherman suplex that she has given her regal touch. It is a mighty slam that few women will come out of unscathed, but it is rarely a move she will use to try and finish a match and is instead usually a precursor to something greater.
-Off with her head (or his head, depending on the victim): A Ripcord variation of her King Kick where she pushes then away from a waistlock while keeping a hold on their arm before yanking them back towards her and sending them right into the path of her King Kick. Is almost a guaranteed knock-out if the victim takes a direct hit to the face from it, for this reason it is her go-to finish in matches that require more than a standard 3-count for victory.
-King Crimson: A back-to-belly piledriver that she choses for a dominant finish. After slamming her opponents head on the mat with this move she usually follows up with a pinfall, often when she wants to go for a dominant touch she will adjust her position so that she is sat on the victims face.
As one might expect from a woman who calls herself "The King" Bella is quite an arrogant woman, she believes herself to be the best there is and she is not at all shy about expressing that belief to anyone who will listen, and when people express their disagreements with that statement she is more than willing to use brute force to change their mind. Her desire to prove her perceived superiority makes her quite the loud mouth, eager to tell anyone who will listen how great she is and as a result she naturally draws the ire of others. She doesn't have a problem with this though, and if she senses that she's getting on someone's nerves she will gladly egg them in in hopes of goading them into fighting her.

Her belief that she's the best and her desire to prove it makes Bella form quite ambitious goals for herself, after all the best way to prove how great you are is to achieve something great as proof. As a result of this she strives to be the best at everything she applies herself to and gain a position of respect and envy so that she can highlight her superiority over others, as a wrestler this translates to her wanting to gain title belts. In addition because of her desire to prove herself she has gained a love of dominating her opponents in the ring, nothing makes her feel better than competing with a capable opponent and making a fool out of them all the same. This love will drive her to go above and beyond during her matches, making sure to not only win but to humiliate her foe and show them who's the "King"

Beneath all the arrogance and her big talk Bella actually lacks self confidence at times, which is why she feels the need to prove herself so much. To that end she is always looking to get into fights so that she can dominate her opponents and justify her own self worth to herself. This makes it very easy to provoke her into a fight if you wish to, just be careful that you don't end up biting off more than you can chew when you bait her into a fight. This goes the other way however, if Bella can convince herself that it's a good idea then she will gladly pick a fight with anybody, regardless of whether or not she actually has favourable odds of winning.

I put it in a spoiler because it's long
Martial arts and fighting have been a part of Bella's life since before she was born, as she is the daughter of a famous martial artist by the name of Benjamin King. After fighting professionally for several years Ben would settle down and open a school to pass his techniques down to others. Years later Bella would be born as his middle child, with an older sister named Bethany and a younger brother named Bellamy. Once they were old enough Benjamin would enrol them in his own school and make them take lessons, though the fact that they were his children did not get them any special treatment. If anything he was even more hard on them, believing that because they were his children that they had more potential than the other students so he had to beat it out of them.

His efforts would soon bear fruit as his three children proved to be martial arts prodigies, easily becoming his best students and excelling in martial arts competitions. Though despite her best efforts Bella was only ever second best, her older sister Beth proved to be an even greater prodigy than her and would always beat Bella when they faced each other in competition. As a result her father would start favouring her sister over Bella in addition to favouring her brother for being the only boy among his children, this would lead to Bella slowly starting to resent her siblings and her father and lead to her becoming desperate to show them up and prove herself to be better than them.

However despite her ambition she was unable to achieve that goal, no matter how hard she tried she was unable to beat her big sister, and as her younger brother entered his teen years and grew to be physically stronger than her she started to lose to him more often too. After several failed attempts at defeating her sister combined with seeing her brother who she thought of as lesser starting to become more of a rival to her Bella started becoming disillusioned with the hard work she was putting in, starting to wonder if it was worth it if she wasn't seeing any results. This led to a slump that saw her losing matches against opponents she should have beat at her best, which in turn led to her father becoming very unhappy with her and starting to treat her more strictly to the point of his treatment almost becoming antagonistic.

Eventually Bella would grow tired of this treatment and would start spending less and less time at home training, instead going out and blowing off steam by getting into delinquent behaviour. It started off as shoplifting and some minor vandalising, but after not too long she would get tired of those activities and would seek out something more exciting that would get her blood pumping. This hunt led to her finding out that there was a group of people in her city that ran street fights, something that attracted her attention as something that might finally scratch the itch she had been feeling.

Having grown accustomed to fighting in martial arts matches with strict rules in a neutral environment Bella found herself struggling in street fights, and though her martial arts ability would make up for her inexperience with real fights she would still find herself losing just as often as she had won. This lit a spark in her that she didn't feel from official martial arts bouts anymore and would make her dive right in, using these fights as a way to blow of steam and relieve the stress that had been building up in her for a while. Over time she would learn how to fight dirty and use the environment to her advantage and would add this to her fighting style, making her a much more dangerous and efficient fighter and helping her find much more success in her battles.

Bella's new night time activities would have more of an impact on her life than she thought, as she still had to participate in regular martial arts competitions on top of this. But when compared to street fighting her regulated martial arts matches were far too boring for her; there were far too many rules and restrictions for her and she wasn't allowed to go as all out as she wanted. Sometimes she would alleviate this boredom by blowing off the match entirely, other times she would make use of dirty tactics she picked up from street fights to beat her opponent and consequently get disqualified. This hurt her reputation within the world of martial arts, and by extension hurt the reputation of her father.

This would go on for a few months, and as it went on Bella's father would grow angrier and angrier at her actions. In his eyes she was not just disgracing herself and her family, but also spitting on the name of his school and of martial arts itself. His righteous fury would reach breaking point one fateful day when he found out that on top of her delinquent behaviour she was using the martial arts he taught her for street fighting, an intolerable insult to the proud old man. He decided he would teach his daughter a lesson by fighting her himself to prove the error of her ways, challenging her to a fight in the name of discipline. Bella agreed but only on the condition that the fight takes place in a public location, her father agreed to her terms.

Her father was certain of his victory as he had far more skill and experience than any of his children, especially Bella who was the child he saw the least potential in. On paper Benjamin's logic was flawless, he was the more skilled fighter by far and he was physically stronger than his daughter whereas Bella only seemed to surpass him in arrogance and attitude. But when the fight began something clearly went wrong for the man; it had been many years since he himself was a fighter and he had severely underestimated how much his body had weakened and slowed down in that time. Bella meanwhile was in her physical prime, so her fathers experience and knowledge was useless in the face of her youth as any attempt to attack her or defend herself was woefully lacking in strength and speed. This led to a one-sided victory for Bella.

In the heat of battle something snapped inside of Bella, and seeing her father laying defeated at her feet made her realise she had a chance to get back at him for all the years of resentment and being treated like trash. And she took that chance, violently. After knocking him down onto his back Bella would mount her father and start viciously beating him, not stopping even when her blows started drawing blood. Luckily she would soon get dragged off of him, but as she was she herself would be attacked by her sister Bethany who had been in the audience. Having been taken off guard by her very angry sister who was out for blood Bella was badly beaten and was soon knocked out.

She woke hours later in the hospital, bruised all over with some busted ribs from the beating she took. She was in the hospital for a few weeks while she recovered, during which time none of her family came to visit her except her brother, and even those visits were few and far between. Bella knew then that this was the final straw; she had been the black sheep of the family for a long time but now that she had actually gone this far she didn't have a place in her home anymore. Once she had finally recovered she would go home, pack her bags and leave without saying anything, followed by the stares of her family.

After leaving home she would go live at a friend's house, but as prideful as she was relying on the charity of others was unacceptable so she would waste no time in finding a way to make ends meet. During this search she would find out that a local indie wrestling show was in need of some talent to face their top star and make them look good, in other words they were looking for a jobber. Bella didn't know what a jobber was, she just thought that being paid to do what she does best sounded pretty ideal so she signed up immediately. She was given a quick explanation of the rules and an outfit to wear, but it was clear they had little expectations for her other than to get beaten and look good doing it.

When it actually came time for the match the audience was expecting to see a beautiful no-name jobber get demolished by the big star, but they would quickly be very pleasantly surprised as the supposed jobber would utterly dominate the star with her martial prowess. After beating her to the point of being unable to fight back Bella would finish the match with a facesit pin, winning the match in a dominant fashion that earned her the cheers of the audience. Though she had just been intended to be signed on for one match as enhancement talent she would quickly be given a contract to wrestle full time, and after how thrilling it was to be able to dominate a foe in such a way and be applauded for it she would agree without hesitation.

Upon entering the world of Pro Wrestling Bella would prove to be a dominant force, despite lacking any experience with the sport whatsoever her martial arts and street fighting backgrounds gave her far more experience in combat than any rookie should have. Her love of dominating her foes combined with her huge ego soon lead to her creating a regal persona in the ring, the fans ate this up and started calling her "The King". Bella embraced this nickname and would soon form a gimmick around it, thus The King was born.

She quickly found that the federation that took her in had no good competition for her, so after spending a few months honing her craft in the ring alongside taking actual wrestling lessons so she wouldn't just be using martial arts all the time. Once she decided she was ready she would start travelling around the United Kingdom, spreading her name around the country until soon she was famous in the UK wrestling scene. Bella did not know whether her family approved of her lifestyle change or shunned it, but she hoped it was the latter.

After two years of this Bella would catch the attention of LAW and would receive a lucrative offer to join their ranks. Though she was somewhat hesitant to leave her home country she couldn't resist chance to test herself against some of the greatest women in the world and prove once and for all that she's the king!
-Bella is a modernised version of my first ever wrestling OC.
-She will pick a fight with anyone else in LAW who calls themselves a king, man or woman. The latter is less likely to come up, of course.
-She is bisexual.
-Bella was inspired to name her finisher King Crimson after the classic rock band.
-Despite the punk rock vibe she gives off she is strictly straight edge, she doesn't smoke, do drugs or even drink alcohol.
-Her likes include listening to music, martial arts training, being dominant, roughhousing, fruit juice, milk and hiking.
-Her dislikes include her father, her sister, being forced to follow strict rules, being looked down on, the smell of cigarette smoke, cheese and fizzy drinks.

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Milestones: N/A

Character timeline:
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