Wisteria Khan aka Sheena Akan

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Wisteria Khan aka Sheena Akan

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Name: Wisteria Khan aka Sheena Akan
Age: 19
Hair Color: Light Purple
Eye Color: Brownish Red
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150 lbs
Entrance music:
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Nationality: Japanese

Appearance Gallery
Main Attire
Family Portrait
A dark match against a veteran
Personality: Sheena unlike most of her relatives is rather subdued and reserved. Preferring to hang back and observe as the wallflower of the family than the boistroussness that seem to exude from the rest of the Akan clan. However that being said don’t mistake Sheena’s reserved nature for social ineptitude or shyness. She is more than capable of speaking up when neccessary and being bold. She just prefers to contain this for when she deems it neccessary.

Coinciding with her more quiet and reserved nature Sheena is very observant and clever, usually able to put together things unsaid based on what she sees. This makes her a whiz at puzzles but also in figuring out people, of which is a bit of a bad habit of Sheena’s since she usually does so without thinking. Outside of this though Sheena is rather easy going and emphatic, going with the flow of things than fighting them. Rarely she will be proactive or seek out competition unless given a reason too.

Its here where her cousin Kyoko rubbed off on her in a bit of a bad way. When she feels genuinely disrespected or offended by someone, she will go after them with everything she has. If for no other reason than to prove whatever point was made against her.

But by no means is she a sensitive snowflake, she git trained by Kyoko Akan after all. Rather if someone insults her family, or her on a personal level, or some other such insult, than she will of course get truggered and act accordingly. Otherwise she is perfectly capable of being teased and joshed, but also of returning it. In fact she has a reputation among her family as a bit of a burn master. So she is definitely able to joke around and poke fun and have fun poked at her, she just needs to feel somewhat comfortable around someone in order to do so.

Wrestling style: Sheena has probably the oddest fighting style among her family, despite it being inherently similar. Like the rest of the wrestling Akans, Sheena has a very jack of all trades, all rounder approach to wrestling. She doesn’t really have a focus anywhere but isn’t weak anywhere either. Unlike her family though who typically have a focus area or general strategy, Sheena doesn’t. Rather she goes into a match fluid and adaptable, and as it goes on, gradually changes her style to reflect and counter her opponets to wear them down before catching and ending them with one of her finishers or some other big move.

Preferred moves/s: Various kicks, suplex variations, throws, chops, full nelson hold, corner based or rope assisted moves, springboard moonsaults, foot stomps, and splashes.

Signature move/s
Hanging Wisteria: A move she more or less inheriter from her cousin Kyoko due to her usage of it. Sheena will get an opponet hanging upside down by their legs on the top rope in a tree of woe. She will then unload as many shots as she can into them, particularly their belly. That or Sheena will go for one big hit, such as a double knee drop or stomp.

Dragon Slayer: A rather standard dragon suplex. Sheena will get behind her opponet and wrap her arms over the opponet’s armpits before throwing herself back for a dragon suplex.

AbDomination: Gettin an opponet to bend over Sheena will pull them up across her shoulders and bend them by their leg and neck for a brutal torture rack before dropping to her knees to drop them to the mat. Or holding it till she gets the submission.

Finishing move/s
Wrath of Khan: Bending an opponet forward Sheena will pull their head betweenher legs before hauling them up and over her shoulder. Balancing their legs on her hips she will hold onto them by their head, pulling them down next to her own and holding their arms up at either side. She will then jump straight up and drop them down in a gory neckbreaker

Shere Lock: With an opponet on their stomach Sheena will cross their legs over one of her own. She will then bend backwards to where her head is next to her opponet’s. Reaching back she will grab their chin and pull it up and raising herself up for a tight muta lock submission.

Speed - 7/10
Stength - 8/10
Stamina - 8/10
Agility - 7/10
Charisma - 6/10
Strikes - 6/10
High flying - 5/10
Submission -8/10
Power - 7/10

Preferred matches: Submission, I quit, multi fall matches, cage matches, falls count anywhere, and belly matches.

History: Sheena Akan was always a bit of a black sheep in her family. Which isn’t to say she felt as if she didn’t belong or that her family excluded her, but more so she was always a bit different. Being the daughter of the only Akan family member who didn’t support or even like wrestling was probably a chief reason among why.

From her early days its always been Sheena and her dad, her mother having passed away shortly after her birth the young girl never got the chance to truly know her. Thankfully, she and her father lived near family, though he only begrudgingly admitted to the latter. But it was always a fact that brought a smile to Sheena’s face. After all her cousins were always so lively and rambunctious they rarely ever let Sheena, the baby of the family be bored.... Even if they entertained her without knowing.

Often going to their house to be babysat while her father worked late Sheena grew up spending quite a lot of time with her cousins. Almost to the point they may as well have been siblings with how much time spent around one another and how they felt about one another. In particular Sheena looked up a lot to Kyoko growing up, partially for her defiant and brazen nature, things Sheena lacked as a child being a natural wall flower. But she alwayd enjoyed the time spent with Kyoko as well as Hideo, Ayame, and Mimi.

One of the things that Sheena most enjoyed was sitting down with the family and watching old videos of her uncle and other relatives wrestling. Natually like all the Akans wrestling was in her blood. She immediately found herself hooked and enjoying the action unknowingly analyzing the moves and how they were performed even from her young age.

Of course this was a natural interest that she swiftly learned couldn’t be shared with her father. The moment she even uttered a word about the sport to her dad he immediately shut down hope of her being able to do things remotely wrestling related at home. Even going so far as to set parental blocks on their tv and home devices to block any wrestling programs. Of course as she found out later on as she got older her dad disliked wrestling for reasons Sheena was too young to understand. So any discussion or expression of this newfound interest had to be done exclusively with her cousins and aunt, who thankfully were very supportive and understanding.

As the next few years went by Sheena kept hanging out with her cousins, now out of her own volition as opposed to being babysat or watched. Despite her father’s continued dismissal and rejection of her growing interest in wrestling Sheena was quick to find ways around him. Usually with the help of her cousins. Primarily Kyoko. As the eldest began her own career in the sport she also began teaching Sheena what she herself was learning. Often times with her aunt Touka helping by acting as a ref or even training dunmy for their moves or spars. Every time Sheena committed the lesson to memory, practicing whenever she could on her own to build her skills. Watching any matches she could to expand her knowledge on moves, even if it sometimes got her grounded by her dad.

Speaking of he of course was suspicious and gradually getting more weary about Sheena spending so much time around his more wrestling focused family. So throughout her highschool years the girl began building a ‘act’. Which basically meant she dressed more conservatively, amped her natural reserved nature up, and basically did anything she could to externally distance herself from wrestling to throw her dad off. This worked for the most part. She still had to lie on occassion to go to a wrestling show or training with Kyoko, but she was able to do so consistently.

As time went on more and more of the Akans became official wrestlers under the LAW promotion. Naturally, Sheena wanted to follow in their footsteps, but it was difficult still living under her father’s roof after all. So she waited, trained, even competed in some very minor promotions

under a stage name so not to draw attention to another Akan. Thus things continued like this for the next year and a half until Sheena was able to officially move out. Once she was finally able to, under the guise of attending college in a different ciry, Sheena immediately made a beeline for a LAW recruiter to show her stuff. Without ever mentioning her actual name to the man she manahed to impress him enough to be offered a contract which she gladly accepted. So now she’s in LAW officially under the ring name Wisteria Khan. Ready to prove herself as a true wrestler like her family... even if she can’t make that known yet for fear of how her father wouldn’t react.

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