"Tigress" Tina Armstrong

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"Tigress" Tina Armstrong

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Name: “Tigress” Tina Armstrong
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 149lbs
Age: 22 (D.O.B 10/7/98)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: British
Alignment: Face
Attire: Tiger and leopard print sports bras/briefs, black kneepads, elbowpads, boots and gloves

Personality: Tina is a bit of a young hot-head but very well meaning. Her mouth sometimes gets her in trouble but she rarely ever means any of her trash talk… and there is a lot of talk. She is quick to anger but also quick to forgive.

History: Tina was born in Liverpool England. She grew up in a poor home and had a very rocky relationship with her parents. Conflict was a part of her childhood and it translated to her getting in trouble in school and fighting. As she got older she mellowed out quite a bit but needed an outlet. That outlet was wrestling. Tina saw a show in the UK in 2008 where one woman overpowered others bigger than her, showed agility, and took an incredible amount of punishment in a gauntlet match. This woman, “Amazon” Alaina Sanders, pinned woman, after woman defeating four women in consecutive standard matches that night. Tina was hooked. The following year Tina saw that the US promotion did a tour wrestling some of Englands best ladies and 11 year old Tina got to do a meet and greet with Alaina. The big amazon didn’t blow her off, she kept talking to Tina. She became more of a mother figure to Tina than her own mom… this big tiger print swimsuit clad lady slamming woman connected with Tina.

It was then and there that Tina realized she wanted to wrestle. Tina worked hard at getting in better shape. She grew, becoming a ripped, hard bodied figure as she participated in a small wrestling promotion back home. Tina just liked to fight, and now that it was within the rules, with a direciton as well as a purpose. Unlike school, Tina was excelling at wrestling. Unfortunately for her things weren’t going well at home. Her parents were struggling and hurting financially. Thankfully for Tina, she saw that LAW had a wrestling tryout. A shot at the big time. Tina couldn’t pass it up, and wrestled her way through the other amateurs looking for a roster spot. An excited Tina was off to wrestle in the big leagues, wondering if she would be ready for such a chance.

As her plane landed and she made her way to the gym Tina she saw a familiar face. One that had retired back in 2011 but was trying to make a comeback. Tina walked up in her wrestling attire, showing off her lean, muscular, rock hard body as she asked if Alaina recognized her. The two talked again, training together that day and again the next….

Now, set up with Alaina as a tag team Tina is set to try to take LAW by storm in her solo career as well burning with a fire to make a name for herself and maybe step out from her much older partners shadow!

Fun Facts:
-Tina is a big fan of Alaina.
-Tina grew up poor, and is using the money she saves to help her family out back in Liverpool.
-Tina eats like a horse, and never ever seems to gain any unwanted weight or fat.

Strength: 8/10
Toughness: 8.5/10
Speed: 8.5/10
Endurance: 9/10
Technical: 7/10
Submission: 7/10
Strikes: 8.5/10

Wrestling Style: Balanced, Tina can focus on a foe’s weakness and use a style to exploit it.

Favorite Moves: Scoop slams, clotheslines, dropkicks, springboard attacks
Signature Moves: Tiger Suplex
Finishers: Tigress Bomb (Tigerbomb)

-“Amazon” Alaina Sanders-Haines (tag partner in the Thundergirls, and a big fan of Alaina) : Tina looks up to Alaina inside and outside the ring as a role model. She hopes to be the wrestler and mother Alaina is someday.
-Charlie Haines: Charlie is the closest thing Tina ever had to an actual dad. He is funny but steady, helping keep the forceful ladies of the house grounded when he has to.
-Anna/Carl Haines: The kids amuse Tina to no end, and she enjoys it when they are around imparting their 5 year old wisdom to everyone.
-Daniel Haines: Tina and Danny are almost like siblings. They fight but playfully. The two hang out and bounce ideas off one another for wrestling and training.
-Anna Harris: Her best buddy she met in wrestling at LAW. Tina loves Annas upbeat attitude and how she approaches life in general.
-Grace Allen: Another friend of Tina's whom she tussled with in the ring.

LAW Record: 28-10-3

1) Win via pinfall vs. Anna Harris
2) Win via submission vs. Sarah Laurent
3) Loss via submission Vs. Samuela Healtway
4) Draw Vs. Wildcat
5) Loss via pinfall Vs. Grace Allen
6) Win via submission Vs. Sofia
7) Win via pinfall Vs. Allison Heart (Rising Star Tourney Round 1)
8) Draw via double count out Vs. Reiko Hinomoto
9) Win via pinfall Vs. Aiko
10) Win via pinfall Vs. Candy Cane
11) Win via pinfall Vs. Aisha (Rising Start Round 2)
12) Loss via submission Vs. Summer (Rising Start Final)
13) Win via pinfall Vs. Mighty Yukiko (Middleweight Title Tourney Round 1)
14) Win via pinfall VS. Navi Florges (Middleweight Title Tourney semi-final)
15) Win via pinfall Vs. Erin Quinn (Middleweight Tournament Title Match)
16) Win Vs. Tracy Cannon in a ladder match (middleweight title match defense #1)
17) Win via pinfall Vs. Megumi Mutoh (PPV Middleweight title match defense #2)
18) Win Vs. Kieda in "say my name" match
19) Win Vs. Mileena Maas
20) Win via pinfall Vs. Navi Florges (Middleweight title match defense #3)
21) Win via smother Vs. Black Swan in a smother match (PPV Middleweight Title match defense #4)
22) Win via pinfall Vs. Noah
23) Loss via submission Vs. Lillian Byrne (Middleweight title match #5, title loss)
24) Loss via submission Vs. Erin Quinn
25) Win via pinfall Vs. Sakura Hagiwara
26) Win via KO Vs. Felina (last woman standing)
27) Win via pinfall Vs. Samanta Veronese
28) Loss via submission Vs. Ducky
29) Loss via pinfall Vs. Samanta Veronese
30) Win via submission Vs. Candy Cane
31) Win via pinfall Vs. Rain "Triumph" Colbert
32) Loss via pinfall Vs. Morgana
33) Win via pinfall Vs. April Castle
34) No contest vis interference Vs. Zelena
35) Win via pinfall Vs. Mio Hayasaka
36) Win via DQ Vs. Gold Liger
37) Win via pinfall With Shinobi Sunshine vs. Queendom
38) Win via submission Vs. Sandra
39) Loss via pinall Vs. Brandi Quinn
40) Win via pinfall Vs. AJ Eastwood
41) Loss via submission vs. Summer

LAW Accomplishments:
-Participated in Rising Star Tournament
-Inaugural LAW Middleweight Champion
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