Abigail Shinobu

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Abigail Shinobu

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Name: Abigail Shinobu

Age: 19

Height: : 5'10

Weight: middle weight

Hair color: white

Eye color: purple/red

Nationality: African/Japanese

Alignment: face

Theme song:

Wrestling stats:

Nickname : the African samurai, the very experienced kunoich in a school girls body.

Strengh: 5.7/10

Agility: 9.9/10

Speed: 9.7/10

Intelligence: 8.9/10

Counter: 7.6/10

Techniques: 9.2/10

Stamina: 8.5/10

Fighting style

Abigail mostly watches her oppenents every move to get a idea on what kind of fighter her oppenent is and uses the best moves to counter attack any move. She's also a striker and knows plenty of submissions to weaken and tire out the oppenent. Also she uses air and jump attacks to catch them off guard.

Favorite moves

Axe kicks
Flying knees
School girl pins
Dragon sleepers
Pressure points


Way of the samurai: once the oppenent is exhausted she would slam her knee on their face making them fall down and then like a sword piecing though a person's stomach she would slam her heel on their stomach and face to knock them out.

Kunoich's kiss: first she would use the ropes to launch herself at the oppenent and punch or kick their stomach so that they land on their butt. She would then sit on their lap and wraps her legs around their waist for a bodyscissor. And if they refuse to tap out she would kiss the oppenents lips to drain the air from them until they pass out.

Dragon lifting rest: she would Irish whip the oppenent to the turnbuckle and run over to it too, to give a good solid punch to their face, while the oppenent is stunned she would jump so that she's behind them, standing on the ropes, then she will do a hanging dragon sleeper, and lift them off the ground go exhaust them until they pass out and take a nap.

Hara kiri (not really): she'll grab the oppenents head and head buts them or knees them to make them fall on their back. Then would use the turnbuckle and jump pretty high to land either her butt on their face, heel on their stomach. The reason why it's called a hara kiri is cause this move is risky to do since there is a chance the oppenent will get up or dodge, avoiding the move entirely and causing pain for her instead.

Personality: is a nice and friendly person in and out of the ring, though in the ring she takes her skills very seriously. She's very dedicated to her kunoich and samurai training, though she likes to goof off at the mall from time to time and has a sweet tooth for cupcakes. She is very loyal to her grandfather cause he took her in after a tragic family event.

Backstory/history: : born in Africa Abigail Shinobu had 2 loving parents, her father was a miner he would mine coal and other minerals. Her mother was a stay at home mother, and half Japanese cause her father was Japanese, they loved Abigail with all their hearts, however a tragic event happened. When Abigail was 6 her father was killed after the miners accidently blew up to many walls and the whole mine collapsed on them killing over 100 people, after his death Abigails mother lost the will to live. She stopped eating and sleeping, she wouldn't even talk or leave the house, it wasn't long before she died too, during her funeral, her grandfather was in Africa to pay his respects to his daughter. He saw his lonely granddaughter and took her with him to live in Japan. He was a samurai and a ninja in his prime. He raised Abigail as his own, and as a student. The dojo he had, also had other students that Abigail befriended. They all grew together and trained together to defend themselves when needed. After 13 years Abigail was 19 years old and a pretty attractive woman, and also his best student. She was enjoying life and defending herself when burglars tired to rob her. She liked to fight so much that she became a wrestler to show what the training of her grandfather did to her.


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