Isabella Castillo, The Phantom Tigress of Mexico!

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Isabella Castillo, The Phantom Tigress of Mexico!

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Name: Isabella Castillo
Alias: The Phantom TIgress
Age: 27
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Black
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130
Nationality: Hispanic
Alignment: Tweener

Alternate Gear
Oh? So Sister decided to come out of retirement? I have to see this......
This Kitty likes to SCRATCH
Fighting style: "Time to sharpen my claws.....papi taught Maria and I the tools of the trade in Lucha Libre. My sister may tend to do things traditionally.....I am a bit more creative in that ring, should you tempt fate to challenge me."

Preferred matches: " the place and time."


Tiger Claw: Setting up her opponent in the corner, Isabella takes off at a run slamming her claw right into the unprotected stomach of her opponent, digging in had to cause serious damage to the midsection. Gripping hard, she then releases the claw, taking a grip of her opponent's wrists and using her feet to flip her opponent up and over to slam spin first into the canvas.

Long live the Queen: A running elbow to the small of the back to stun her opponent, before reaching up to grab at the head of her opponent. Slowly turning herself to look out at the crowd, she drops to her rear, bringing her opponent down with a sickening neckbreaker!


Welcome to the Jungle:


Trained as a third generation wrestler by her father, the second incarnation of the Reaper, it became apparent to her family that Maria had the skills and the talent to succeed in the ring. After years of grueling training, she received her father's blessing of carrying the mantle of Lucha Libre's most respected enigma. She was 21 at the time. Watching her from afar, was her little sister Isabella, age 11.

Unlike her sister, Isabella was not the heir to the family's sacred La Parca match. Instead, she chose to show her face to the world, trading the flashy acrobatics for a more hard hitting, japanese inspired strong style. But she had to admit, the theatrics were hard to ignore. Ever the predator, she adorned her arms with tiger stripes, giving her a unique identity all her own. The Phantom Tigress of Mexico struck out on her own, but careful to stay away from her sister. She did not want to be called, "La Parca's second"

She was far too ambitious for that.

Then she heard of the "accident". The dirty, underhanded attack from the Raven Queen to put her elder sister on the shelf forever. For years she stewed at the top of the east, ruling on the throne as a queen of an eastern promotion. She searched far and wide, to demand a match to restore the honor of her family that Raven sought to sully.

A match that never happened.

But now, her sister's return to LAW piqued her interest. With no word for years from Maria, the opportunity to catch up and finally rekindle the bonds shattered by the Raven, Isabella packed her things, flying to Japan. As a sister, a tiger, a predator, she swore she would find the monster who made it their mission to destroy their family legacy.

This time the claws were out.

Fun Fact: "Ok I like tigers! It's not weird ok!?!"


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