Morgana Aqua

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Morgana Aqua

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Name: Morgana aqua

Age: 19

Height: 5'11

Weight: ???

Hair color: blue

Eye color : blue

Nationality: Japanese.

Theme song[/]b]:

Nickname: the beautiful gymnast

Wrestling stats:

Strength: 5.6/10

Speed: 10/10

Intelligence: 9.3/10

Stamina: 9.8/10

Agility: 10/10

Techniques: 8.6/10

Counter: 9.9/10

Fighting style: agile grappler/ kicker

Personality: beautiful, kind, friendly, very intelligent, always thinking of her friends, eager to try new things. While kind in the ring she is determined to use her acrobatic skills and agility to the test. She gets pretty excited if idea tough battle, though easy battles make her get a little dominate over the oppenent cause it's her family genes kicking in, though she doenst get too rude or anything like that

History: born in a wealthy family Morgana was raised to act like she's above everyone, but she hated that life style, so much so she ran away and moved to her grandmother's house when she was 6. There she was raised to he a kind and friendly woman, she was well liked amung her peers when she took up gymnastics and acrobat classes. She was the greatest acrobat in the entire state. She got a intrest for wrestling after hearing some girls talk about it. She now wrestles with her agility, grapple and gymnastics.

Wrestling/favorite moves: hurricana, strike attacks, kicks, split kicks. Repeated kicks (smiliar to chun li). Headscissors, reverse headscissors arm bar, neck choking moves. Boston crab, figure 4 moves.

[b]Finisher moves:

silence of the arms: she does a cross body pin, and wraps her arms around one oppenets arms and wraps her legs around the other arm and squeezes until their arms go numb then she finishes with a headscissor to make em pass out. For hentai matches she does a reverse headscissor and play with their private area.

Skyrocket knee: once the oppenent is exhausted enough she launches herself from the ropes and does a flying knee strike to their head or stomach depending if they are standing or on their knees.

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