The Emerald Storm! Alizeh Mirdori!

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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The Emerald Storm! Alizeh Mirdori!

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Name: Alizeh Midori
Age: 20
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5'7
Weight: 146 lbs

Entrance music:
Alignment: Face
Nationality: American
Personality: Alizeh is a very sweet and open minded girl who puts her friends first and is eager to try new things. However she has a habit of being very competitive and over eager, biting off more than she could chew at times. She is though very driven and determined, often times doing her best to improve herself when she loses. She's also a very conpassionate fair sport and will often try to make friends with those she faces in matches regardless of the outcome. Needless to say Alizeh loves wrestling with a passion as well as her fellow wrestlers unless given reason not too and will thus do her best not just to be the best wrestker she can be but also the best competitor she can be in relation with her fellow wrestlers.

Wrestling style - Alizeh is a all rounder type wrestler who uses a mix of attacks and styles, but she focuses heavily on technical wrestling and use on submission holds.

Finishing move/s: Maelstrom Spike - Leaping backwards off the top rope Alizeh will perform a corkscrew flip midair to come down feet first on her prone opponet.

Cero Verde - Grabbing her opponet by the ankles Alizeh will cross her opponet’s legs in a figure four shape before leaning backwards as far as she can while pressing her knee into her opponet’s back for a modified Texas Cloverleaf submission

Stats: out of ten
Speed - 7
Stength - 6
Stamina - 7
Agility - 6
Charisma - 6.5
Highflying - 7
Submission - 8
Strikes - 5
Power - 5

Preferred matches - Alizeh is up for any match type including hentai and hardcore! Although she personally prefers submission and I quit matches.

History: Alizeh grew up in El Paso, Texas a city near the border with a mix of Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian parentage. As a result she was sometimes picked on at school if not for her background but for her distinct tomboyish appearance and preferences. It’s through this tomboy personality of hers that led her to discover pro wrestling at a young age. In her town there was a small promotion of lesser known but talented wrestlers who put on amazing matches. Her brother who worked part time for the promotion backstage often got her inside to see matches and even interact with some of the wrestlers who acted as role models for young Alizeh. On top of this Alizeh kept up with the international scene watching matches of world famous wrestlers such as the Amazon Alaina Sanders and her rival Dana Ashford. In paticular Alizeh was a big fan of Alaina and considered her as her personal hero growing up. After seeing Alaina best her rival in a especially great match that the young Alizeh was able to see live she became dead set on becoming a wrestler herself one day. After talking about it with the owner of the local wrestling promotion, her parents and the wrestlers themselves they worked out a deal for them to train Alizeh in exachannge for her working part time like her brother. In addition to this Alizeh used every school sponsored activity possible to better improve herself for wrestling. Using essentially every opportunity to join some kind of physical class or activity including gymnastics, aerobics, dance and swimming. Through these plus her training from the promotions wrestlers. She was soon ready to hit the ring at the age of 16. Showing impressive skills against opponents bigger, older and more experienced than herself she quickly made a name for herself and by the age of 18 she was looking to go international and got the chance when she was invited to join LAW wrestling. Taking the chance whole heartedly she joined and headed to Japan intent on making a name for herself in the league.

Law Record/Timeline
(Official Matches: record 1-0-1)

1 - Alizeh Midori vs Hayami Suzumi - Cosplay match - ongoing
2 - Alizeh Midori vs Peggy Mcintyre - Normal match - Loss via Pinfall
3 - Alizeh Midori vs Zetta Quinn - Submission match - Win via Submission
4 - Alizeh Midori vs Marzia Servelli - Submission Match (ongoing)
5 - Alizeh Midori vs Alaina Sanders-Haines (ongoing)

(Unofficial/Outside Law)
1 - Alizeh meets Zetta at Gem’s Haven for a *private* rematch! (Ongoing)
2 - Alizeh Meets her childhood hero Alaina “Amazon” Sanders-Haines! (Ongoing)
Out- Alizeh vs Vivian in a friendly but brutal training session (ongoing)
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