"The Rainy Day Hero" Moeka Izumi

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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"The Rainy Day Hero" Moeka Izumi

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----Personal Information----

Name: Moeka Izumi

Nicknames: Rainy Day Hero, Froggy

Ages: 18

Birthday: February 15

Sex: Female

Nationality: Japanese

Alignment: Baby Face

Hometown: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Theme Song: Sakura SFIV




Weight: 125

Eyes: Black

Hair: Long Dark Sea Green

Fun Fact: Most media images show her with her tongue out and looking like a frogs tongue. That is all thanks to editing since she has a frog gimmick.

Wrestling Gear:
Main Wrestling Gear
Rookie Gear
Shorts and hair down gear
Leotard Rookie Leotard with white boots
Leotard Rookie Leotard Black

Maid outfit:
Maid Outfit


Out on the town
school uniform


— Moeka is a straight forward and laid back individual who always speaks what is on her mind. During training she was known as the Dojo mother as she took the role of caretaker with her fellow students. She is kind and friendly but stern when it is needed. Moeka hates those who would use dirty tactics in a match and sees to it to punish those who do when she can. Though she is a trainee she is always giving it 110%. Even in defeat she shows gratitude and sportsmanship to her opponent. It is going to take a lot to break her of this but she won’t let it go without a fight.

——Wrestling Statistics----

Preferred Matches: Anything except for boxing. Is nervous to try Hentai matches would need to train before accepting one.


Strength: ★★★

Defense: ★★

Endurance: ★★★★

Speed: ★★★★★

Technique: ★★★


Strikes: ★★★★


Powerhouse: ★

Aerial: ★★★★★

Counters: ★★★

Signature moves:

Hokkaido Crab:
Hoppin Hip Attack:


Rainy Day Frog Splash-
Hero’s Destiny!-

Moeka was born in the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan as the eldest daughter in a family of three. Her father is a fisherman while her mother is a school teacher. Due to their tough schedules Moeka was the one who was sort of a caretaker for the family even at the age of 10. Moeka always excelled in most things in her life, whether it was school, sports, video games, she would always come out on top. Though she would excel in these things she always felt like something was missing in life. That was until after a cold winter school day she found out about a wrestling event happening in town. At first she didn’t want to go but her friends insisted that they should go. At first Moeka thought this was going to be silly but at the show she was in love with professional wrestling. After the show had concluded she and her friends would rush to the wrestlers asking how could they become wrestlers. Moeka and her friends were given an invite to the Tsunami dojo. It was an all women’s dojo and they were accepted into the dojo after a very tough try out day.

Even though Moeka and her friends were only 15 they were allowed to train. Moeka once again would excel over her friends and any of the trainees as she would put in a lot of hardwork. Working out to the point someone would need to walk home with her because her steps were not steady. Moeka and her friends would debut in a Six Woman tag match were Moeka would actually get the winning pin fall. Moeka would continue winning against her fellow friends and other joshi’s. Her trainer worried Moeka would get a big head if she kept winning would call in a favor. Soon Moeka found out she was going to wrestle one of the Yoshida sisters. In Hokkaido the Yoshida family was famous as the matriarch of the Yoshida family came from Hokkaido. That night Moeka would wrestle against Tsumi Yoshida and it was the most eye awakening night for Moeka. Tsumi would dominate her throughout the match and would leave her beaten, battered, and humbled as she got no offense on the middle Yoshida child. It didn’t help that Moeka actually passed out due to the pain of Tsumi’s kicks. When she came to Moeka was laying next to her sensei and let her know she had so much to learn. Her trainer would let Moeka she has a promising career but she had a lot more training to do before she could become a full fledged wrestler like Tsumi.

Tsumi then came in telling Moeka she did very well, she was amazed with the fact Moeka kept getting up after three kicks. Letting her know that she needs to refine her skills and she was only going to do that by going to a big name wrestling dojo. Moeka hated this fact but she knew it to be true. So she started doing some research and soon came across LAW who had opened a Dojo. To home grow some talent instead of just relying solely on wrestlers outside of their company. Moeka knew the risk but would take the chance as she would transfer schools to a school nearby the dojo and went to LAW Dojo at the age of 16. Though it was strange at first living away from her family and now living in a house with many other trainees Moeka would get use to it. Two years would pass, Moeka has graduated highschool, getting ready to start college, and was waiting for the call up. Then on New Years day her trainer would come to her and would inform her that she has the official call up. Moeka was more than happy and was excited in not only doing her family proud but take it to these other wrestlers and show them what LAW Dojo was all about!

——Fun Facts----

To keep up with her frog gimmick, Moeka always ends her sentences with "Kero"
Is in college while wrestling.
Is actually an amazing cook and cooked all the meals for the LAW dojo when she joined.
Is marked as her group’s Ace in the LAW Dojo
Loves frogs and many other amphibians.
Played for her club’s championship Basketball team.
Moeka is extremely flexible, so someone can bend her [as much as they want.


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