Alice Wilder - The Poker Loving Broad of the Wild West (& The Lady)

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Alice Wilder - The Poker Loving Broad of the Wild West (& The Lady)

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Name: Alice Wilder - The Poker Loving Broad of the Wild West
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 159ibs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener - The Lady is her Heel Alter-Ego
Entrance music: Magnificent Seven - Elmer Bernstein

Wrestling Information

Strategy: She loves close body contact and will mix this with a variety of holds and slams to wear down a girl.
Style: Wrestling
Type: Tough Cookie. Gambler

Preferred Matches: Anything

Favored moves: Scoop Slam, Smothers, Leg Locks, Headlocks, Chokes, Distractions, Foreign Objects such as Lasso or Playing Cards, Stomps, Leg Drop, Scissors, Stump Puller, Suplex, Piledriver, Powerbomb


The Wild Bunch: With a girl dazed, Alice pulls her head between her thick thighs so that she is in a powerbomb position. From there, she reaches around the girls tummy to lift her up and drops her quickly for a snap piledriver. Alice then crawls over and sits on the girls chest for the 3 count.
Royal Flush: Named after her love of Poker. With a rival down on their back Alice drops to hands and knees and crawls seductively up their prone body. She straddles their chest and taunts before sealing them in a front facesit pin. Alice gave the move the name after the first time she used it, she humped a girls face into submission and the resulting nuzzling caused Alice's cheeks to "flush"

Dead Man's Hand: Alice locks her rival into a dragon sleeper and lets her free hand roam their body whilst looking for the submission. Rivals with bigger breasts will find Alice likes to grope and squeeze to pile on the pressure.

Double Barreled Domination Alice grabs her rival into a tight bearhug squeezing them close whilst burying their face between her massive chest, that she calls the, "twins". After wearing them down she jumps forward to complete the move and splat them into the canvas. Alice often stays lay on them for the pin increasing the smothering effect


Physical Appearance:

Without HatShow
The LadyShow
Personality: Alice loves the Wild West and is a proper old time country gal. She takes no shit off anyone and it is unwise to cross her. She is normally placid, giving folks a break however those who stray into the realm of disrespect will find a very different Alice. If she feels disrespected or is dealing with a bully she will do everything in her power to hurt and humiliate them, Alice loves Poker also and makes bad card based jokes, its her way of brightening the day of everyone she meets. She is not above cheating using distractions such a throwing playing cards or grabbing her lasso to tie up her rival. She can also hog tie those who really deserve punishment, but this is very rare.

Past/History: Alice is the daughter of a famous cowboy and card player, Tom, "Slick Hands" Wilder. He was known in the Wild West as the greatest card player and often would liberate patrons of their money in saloons and bars. He was lynched by an angry mob who were annoyed at Tom's skills which had a profound effect on Alice. it is said that mentioning her father as a cheat will often set Alice off with her fiery temper.

She vowed to be the best at everything she did, cards, shooting her revolver and wrestling, or 'rasslin as she calls it.

Wrestling Attire: Comes to the ring dressed as pictured
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