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121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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The Azure Viper

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Name: Chloe St. Pierre

Age: 20

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'6


Entrance Music:
Perturbator - Eclipse

Alignment: Tweener

Nationality: French-Canadian

Bio: Youngest daughter and heiress to the family developed school of martial arts known as the Saint Cross Style which utilizes the grappling know how of catch-as-catch can wrestling, pummeling palm strikes and stiff kicks to beat down foes into submission. Chloe was more athletically gifted than her older sister and found an interest in other sports in between training in the family dojo, eventually settling in gymnastics. Her improved flexibility proved to be a valuable asset as it made Chloe much more dangerous when applying submissions. As a result, often described as a snake for Chloe almost slithered around on the mat when grappling with opponents. It wasn't long before she joined up with her sister, Marie and formed a tag team where they started to truly show off her skills to the world.

When the sisters were approached by L.A.W staff to join their fledgling tag division, Chloe was the first to sign the dotted line.

Personality: Chloe is similar to Marie in that she is quite level-headed in her approach towards others. The difference however is that Chloe is exudes confidence in every fiber of her being, in her smile, in the way she walks. She's also more willing to take risks as she has incorporated high-flying moves into her repertoire.

Wrestling Information

Style: Martial Arts Hybrid

Preferred Matches:
  • Standard
  • 2/3 Falls
  • Ironwoman
  • Submission

General Stats

Power: 7/10
Technique: 9/10
Endurance: 8/ 10
Submission: 9.5/10
Speed: 7/10
Aerials: 6.5/10

Signature Moves

V-Trigger Knee:
A rushing bicycle knee afflicted to the opponent, usually when they are leaning against the ropes. Chloe often follows up with the Cross-Lock or the Regal-Plex after this move.
Frakensteiner: Chloe whips her opponent to the ropes and drops them on the rebound. Will sometimes transition into a poisoned frakensteiner.

Snap Dragon Suplex: Chloe shows off her agility with this quick, dragon suplex. Sometimes completes it with a pinning bridge.


Cross-Lock (Katahajime):
Much like Marie, Chloe locks in the Cross-Lock for a guaranteed win. The family specialty move is one that the sisters learn to master in their training and the younger sister isn't planning to be the first one to have the hold broken when she applies it.

Chloe Special (Regal-Plex): Chloe goes behind the opponent and lifts one of the legs, pulling one of the arms underneath before driving them into the mat with a back suplex.


Friends: Marie

Allies: Marie

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Crushes: N/A

Random Trivia:

Current Singles Record: 0/0/0

1. Vs. Jessica Wright: Standard Match
Result: Pending
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