ChaCha Luana

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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ChaCha Luana

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Name: ChaCha Luana
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Bright Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6,2 ft
Weight: 167 lbs
Nationality: American Samoan (Raised American)
Alignment: Face
Sexuality: Straight
Entrance music: Fun Fun Fun- The Beach Boys


Normal attire

Alt attire

Strength: 5/5.
Speed 4/5.
Agility: 5/5.
Endurance: 4/5.

Wrestling Stats:
Strikes: 3/5 – Will mostly use palm strikes or kicks but nothing more
Submissions: 2/5 – Rarely used if at all, only basic submissions
Powerhouse: 5/5 – Her main form of offense, surprisingly strong, able to toss around people much larger than her
Aerials: 3/5 – Will do it sometimes, surprising agile
Counters:5/5 –
Fighting Style: Powerhouse and strikes

Preferred Attacks: Palm strikes, Superkicks, crossbody, headbutt variations, knife-edge chops, leg drop, suplexes, enzuigiri, DDT variations, Gorilla press slam, tilt a whirl slam, Powerslam, Spinebuster, running splash, Tilt-a-whirl headscissor

Signature/spot moves: Handspring moonsault, Chokehold STO, Gutwrentch powerbomb, Airplane spin into a Samoan drop, Stinger splash

Trouble on the Island (Spinning Uranage Slam after an Irish whip)

Samoan Slamfest (ChaCha will hit a Samoan drop, followed by a kip-up and standing moonsault, then finally a standing shooting star press)

Tidal Wave (Diving Splash)

Personality: ChaCha is a very happy and bubbly person to the point where people would mistake her for being an airhead. However, if she is disrespected, she will then be much more vicious, only returning to her original personality at the end of the match, usually apologizing if she feels she was too hard on them

History: ChaCha was born into a normal family of three. She was the middle child out of two brothers. When she was 18 she found she was rather depressed and couldn't find any meaning in her life, so she would travel to the isle of Samoa to live with her uncle. Here she was able to find joy in Samoan traditions and dances. She would return when she was 20 years old and would decide to become a wrestler seeing as how she hadn't gone to college. She would then break out onto the scene and have moderate success but would be quick to learn, enough to get a contract with LAW

Available for: Standard,Smother,Bedroom,Tag Team

Difficulty- 3/5

Record: 0-0-0




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