Miss Fortune

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Miss Fortune

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Name: Miss Fortune - Madison Oppenheim
Age: 22
Eyes: Red (She wears contacts)
Hair: Red
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Heel. Total Bitch
Entrance music: Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Verbally degrade and humiliate her rival at every opportunity. Flaunts her wealth and attitude. Uses cheap moves to get her way but it backfires more often than not leading to her being squashed.
Style: Wrestling
Type: Tweener with Jobber Tendencies

Preferred Matches: Anything but NHB

Moves: Clutches, Scissors, Smothers. Slams, Armlocks, Headlocks, Use of Weapons, Figure 4 Leg Lock, Backstabber, Suplex, Crabs


Mafia Headshot:: When a rival is dazed, Madison will approach and unleash a kick to the head to KO them or at the very least daze them enough for a pin or submission. (Sweet Chin Music)

Kiss Of Death: (Despite the name, Madison doesn't actually kill her rivals) Once a rival is dazed she will tenderly kiss them on the lips or cheek and then blast a knee into their tummy. As they bend, she pulls their head between her legs and lifts them up. Once they are hung upside down, after some dramatics, she plants them into the canvas for a piledriver. From there she  rolls them over and shuffles forward to cover them for the pin count. (She tends to do this to smaller wrestlers)

Sicilian Surprise:
With her opponent lay on their tummy, Madison steps on the back of their knees, wrapping their legs around hers. She grabs their arms and pulls back. As she falls the victim is lifted up high for a Romero Special Ceiling Hold. With the arms and the legs trapped, a verbal submission is the only way out.


Physical Appearance:

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Personality/History: This is Madison from the Sorority Sisters. During a match against a rival team, Madison found herself getting some payback from Brittney who jumped her and sat on her face for a pin count, thus eliminating her. Feeling utter humiliation at the way she was pinned and how her former tag partner stabbed her in the back, she left the company the day after.

Madison returned to her home in the US and found that news of her defeat had spread. Her father had taken her credit card and phone from her as punishment for her behavior. Madison was devastated. She lived for designer clothing, facebook and Starbucks Coffee. Madison moved out shortly afterwards and started to date a guy who was part of the Mafia in downtown New York.

She struck gold and soon became a kept woman. The Mafia, as part of their organized crime activities, rigged wrestling matches, and Madison saw her chance. She told Joey about her past and they immediately decided to get her back into wrestling to take revenge on Brittney or whoever stood in her way! Using her new found attitude of being a Gangster, she made herself over to be the hard nosed bitch she is today. Utterly ruthless and single minded, she loves nothing more than belittling girls and humiliating them due to her status and fabulous wealth.

Whilst she is skilled, and can wrestle, she will let her ego get in the way. Madison will challenge huge girls, tag teams and anyone who is bigger and badder than she is. Often she ends up flat on her back smothered and squashed.

Wrestling Attire: Madison comes to the ring in a sexy suit, short skirt with hat. Her shirt is always open, which shows off her enormous breasts. In the ring she strips down to a simple bikini, stockings/holdups and sometimes wrestles barefoot.
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