Reiko Hinomoto

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Reiko Hinomoto

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Personal Information
| Name:

'Rowdy' Reiko Hinomoto

| Sex:


| Age


| Hair:


| Eyes:


| Height:


| Weight:


| Nationality:


| Alignment:

Theme Song:

Look To The Sky (couldn't find the short version)
Wrestling Style
| Style:

- Reiko is a balanced wrestler, utilizing all tools of the craft of wrestling. Having decent grappling, power moves, and aerial moves, the only thing that Reiko excels in delivering strong kicks to exemplify her home country's Strong Style of wrestling. Having a extremely balanced set, allows Reiko to pretty much take on all forms of combat within the square circle and out of it need be.

| Stats:

| 7/10 | Strength
| 7/10 |Defense
| 8/10 | Technique
| 7/10 | Endurance
| 8/10 | Speed
| 8/10 | Stamina

| Favorite Moves:

Superkick, Hurricarana, Rib Breaker, Suplex, Stiff Kicks

-Sunrise Driver: A power throw that utilizes Reiko's strength as a wrestler. Reiko grabs her opponent by the head, shoving them between her legs as she takes both of her opponent's arms, one hammerlocked behind their back and one hammerlocked in their front as she then proceeds to lift them in the air as if she was going to deliver a piledriver but instead pulls on their arms to spin them out and drives them back first into the mat. Reiko pins her opponent upon impact.

-Fallen Angel: Reiko ascends the turnbuckle while her opponent is laying on the mat and performs a moonsault and lands with her knees, smashing her opponent underneath.

-Cobra Lock: A hold that utilizes Reiko's submission abilities. With her opponent on the mat, Reiko takes both of her opponent's legs and rolls them over into a Boston Crab as she sits down on their back as she then grabs both of their ankles, painfully pulling them apart for a split legged crab.
Physical Appearance
Former Look
Current Look
| History

- Reiko Hinomoto is the daughter of legendary women's wrestler Kamikaze Rose, who died while touring in America, leaving her with a burning desire to honor her name by becoming the world's greatest wrestler. Starting training at young age in martial arts due to her mother's influence, Reiko was already proficient into the transition into wrestling. However learning how to wrestle and living expenses aren't an easy thing to do for a young woman with a dream, especially after her older sister left in order to find out the truth about their mother's death. In order to support herself, Reiko took on a part time job as a Race Queen, doing plenty of photo shoots and such with her great looks.

Then came her first big challenge when she heard of the Rumble Roses tournament starting up, quickly entering to try and emulate her late mother's success in wrestling. There she met plenty of talented ladies that pushed her to her limit and raised the bar of what she considered to be a great wrestler, notably against her top rival Dixie Clements in which both ladies pulled no punches and unleashed everything against one another every time they stepped into a ring together.

With Rumble Roses coming to an end, but not Reiko's thirst for wrestling, she set off back to Japan and found her way to the quickly growing LAW promotion, where she sought to stake her name in the wrestling world.

Arriving in LAW, Reiko was met with limited success and more likely than not was slapped with heavy losses, particularly against fellow RR Alumni Candy Cane. With mounting frustration, Reiko decided to cast aside everything she was, everything that defined her and chose to embrace the dark emotions within her and became the Queen Cobra, Rowdy Reiko who display as vulgar amount of hostility and aggression that is only matched by her recently sharpen tongue.

| Personality

- Reiko is a confident wrestler, in both her looks and wrestling abilities. However despite that she is not arrogant or conceited of herself, she loves a challenge and any chance to put herself against other wrestlers in order to test her skills and improve on them with her young age. Along with her drive to improve, Reiko places a lot of pressure on herself in order to impress those who she considered her fans and rivals to meet and exceed their expectations of her, even if she has to throw herself into unknown waters to do so.

Humble and polite, Reiko makes no attempts to make any enemies during her journey to become the greatest wrestler in the world, but make no mistake this does not mean she is a pushover. Reiko will fight tooth and nail to prove that she belongs in the wrestling world and not shame her mother's legacy.

However, as Rowdy Reiko she is far more vulgar with her words and displays a horrid amount of disrespect to anyone who comes across of her as she's out for personal glory at any expense.

| Trivia

| Achievements

| Record
- Wins
Candy Cane In a Mad Mud Match via Sunrise Suplex
- Losses:
Candy Cane via High School Driver
To Gabriella Guerrero in a Middleweight Championship Qualifier via Roll Up
- Draw
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