Juri Sanada the black widow

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Juri Sanada the black widow

Unread post by Tybo226 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:23 pm


Name: Juri Sanada

Height: 5'7

weight: 130 lbs

attire: Juri for when she wrestles wears a black and red one piece with black boots finger less gloves and elbow pads

Eyes: red

theme: whatever

Alignment: tweenwer (leaning towards face but holds nothing back)

wrestling style: all about her slams and submission holds

Signature: Juri Crash (Death valley driver)

finisher: spider twist

Personality: out of everyone in the Miyabi gym Juri might be the nicest followed by Elena very soft spoken yet cunning also a very good mentor seeing how she was the one who trained Elena to match Sakura in BQW

Bio: not much is given on her life before becoming a pro wrestler but what we can figure out is she's a good friend and Rival to the ace of Berserk herself Misaki Toyada as she's the ace of Miyabi she clashed with Misaki several times but a clear winner was never really decided as such when Misaki opened Berserk gym in relation to BWQ it was only a matter of time before Miyabi opened as well despite the league of evil being the group mostly assoitated with the gym mostly Hornet and Yumbo the two seemed to be at a stalemate when Sakura from sweet diva joined Berserk Juri in secret let Elena join Miyabi for the match of her life although her student lost Juri only saw it as fuel for the fire when Miyabi caught wind that Berserk wrestlers entered this promotion named LAW Hornet and Yumbo were quick to join in after them and that Elena already joined it was only natural that the black widow join herself so she can hopefully wrestler her long time friend Misaki once again

her as the blue panther
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