Evil Rose the Beast from the underground or LAW's Dark Hero

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Evil Rose the Beast from the underground or LAW's Dark Hero

Unread post by Tybo226 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:16 pm


Name: Evil Rose AKA Nobel Rose
Nastionality: Japaneses
Alingment: anti Hero formally a heel under the control of Dr. Cutter

entrence music:

Wrestling Style: unlike Nobel Rose Evil Rose doesn't have a set style she's known to fight like an animal using whatever she has to use to win very unorthodox

other attire for special matches or PPV's: Image

swimsuit: Image

signature move: rolling powerbomb

monster stomp:

finishers: screwdriver


Personalty: the best way to describe Evil Rose is the dark half of Nobel Rose she's brutal she's relentless and she won't show any mercy even if your an ally if your in her way she'll drag you to the underground a bloody mess

Bio: none can really say how Evil Rose was born but Nobel Rose is aware that despite breaking away from Dr. Cutter what she did still lingers in her so to prove Cutter has no further control on her when Nobel Rose just isn't enough the thorns of justice will call on her darker self the dark side of justice to brutalize anyone who dare to call her out especially Dr.cutter hearing rumors about her in LAW Nobel Rose and by inclusion Evil Rose came to LAW to finally put an end to Cutter and her schemes once and for all if you hear the roar of a tiger run because the Beast From the Underground is coming and is sparing no one from her wrath
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