121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Name: Hornet real name unknown

height: 5'6

weight; 160 lbs

nationality; Japaneses

alignment: Heel

Entrence music:

Wrestling Style: Hornet likes to fly is very agile and has a very good ground game like her friend and partner Yumbo also she isn't afraid to cheat

Favorite moves: Camel clutch headscissors boston crab flying crossbody lionsault headscissors takedown eat defeat

Signature move: 630 splash

finisher: Double moonsault she calls it the Hive crash

Dragon sleeper with bodscissors Image

Personalty: Hornet can be best described like the anime her mask is based on if she likes you she can be a friend if not then buzz off or you'll feel her sting and all who she's paired up against in the ring have felt it at one point or another and she really enjoys bringing pain especially with her partner and friend Yumbo

Past: trained at the Miyabi gym and paired up with the titan of a woman named Yumbo she wreaked havoc amongst the roster of BQW her hard work would grant her along with Yumbo the tag team championship where the two calling themselves the League of Evil tore through the tag team division like they were possessed granted they cheated a lot but they didn't care a win is a win right well all that came to a halt when Misaki along with a chick she beat before names Sakura beat her and Yumbo to take their titles away leaving a desire for revenge in the heart of Hornet she worked hard increasing her agility speed even flexibility to improve enough so when they crossed paths again they'd be ready for them in the mean time word got around about some of the Berserk chicks entering a new league named LAW and as such Miyabi needed to get some of their girls involved ASAP so they send Hornet along with her best friend Yumbo to that league to make an impression big enough that they'll not only get gold around their waists but also get payback for what happened at BWQ Hornet is ready to give all of her opposition the sting and tell them to buzz off

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