Nozomi Kaminashi

121-169 lbs / 54.6-81.5 kg
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Nozomi Kaminashi

Unread post by Rainmaker619 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:26 pm

(Adopted with Permission from Ragdoll Jobbers)
Real Name: Nozomi Kaminashi
Birthday: March 12, 1997
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face

Dream X Scramble!Show
Preferred Matches: Smother, Knockout, Keijo
Preferred Moves: Ass-based and Breast-based attacks, Ass smothers, Breast smothers, Hip attacks, Kicks

Signature/Finishing Moves
Ass CannonShow
Ass HurricaneShow
Hip BulletShow
Hip MeteorShow
Personality: Nozomi is a very energetic and lively girl with a deep love for wrestling and Keijo, her friends and her family. While she seems somewhat greedy and dim, she mainly wants to become a rich wrestler and Keijo player to get her family out of poverty and is actually quite clever, observant and creative, enabling her to figure out her opponent's technique's and counter them. She is also somewhat eccentric as she does silly things from time to time but in a Keijo match she is fiercely determined and does not back down no matter what. Nozomi is also sociable to people she first met and supportive of her friends. She tries to help them out however she can, despite annoying them from time to time.
Nozomi's main attireShow
Nozomi's Beserker ModeShow
Nozomi's bikinisShow
Nozomi's old school uniform and now casual clothingShow
Nozomi's ass shotShow
History: At some point, her mother was hospitalized. Around at age 6, her mother eventually passed away, while Nozomi helplessly cried. Right before her death, Mitsuki told Nozomi, as the eldest daughter, to take care of her siblings. Nozomi and her siblings then lived in a very poor condition. Due to this poverty, Nozomi kept working hard, to the point where her friends said that her body never stopped moving. Nozomi attended Shinkou High School in Kobe. Upon entering Shinkou, Nozomi has became a pretty skilled gymnast. Thus Nozomi was invited by colleges with the best gymnastic programs. However, Nozomi then learned about Keijo, a gambling, water sport, knowing that its players got paid so much if they win in the large scale tournaments. As such, Nozomi refused all offers of joining athletics college and decided to become a Keijo player in order to bring her family out of poverty. While the money she earned from Keijo was extremely good, she was scouted by an official of a new wrestling company that also had Keijo matches. Given the opportunity of earning more money from not only doing Keijo matches, but wrestling matches as well, Nozomi didn't hesitate to sign up to get a job in LAW.

Match History
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