Tatsuta Murasaki

121-169 lbs / 54.6-81.5 kg
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Tatsuta Murasaki

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Full Name: Tatsuta "Tarantula" Murasaki
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair: Dyed purple, naturally black
Eyes: Purple
Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face leaning to tweener

Preferred match types: Submission only, hentai, body to body only, pins only

Fighting Style:
Tatsuta's fighting style is very elegant and submission heavy, doubly so if it involves using her incredibly flexible legs. She is similar to Laurukka in this department although she is comparatively more versatile, using quick throws that cut into an opponent's guard and even pulling out powerful slams when she feels they aren't expecting or prepared to defend against them. On the ground she's quite powerful, able to slide and slip all over her soon to be very aroused opponents. Her submissions tend to target at least two bodyparts at once and she often takes the occasion to get intimate with her opponents whether sexually, verbally or both.

Favored Moves:
Canadian backbreaker, leg splits, octopus stretch (ground), leg knot locks, chickenwing facebuster, frankensteiner, figure four leg lock, single leg lock, full body pin/press/rub, kimura lock, inverted underboob pin (approaches opponent on back from behind their shoulders, rubbing her underbreast directly onto theirs), ceiling hold, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Finishing Moves:

"Akkorokamui's Prison" - At heart this is essentially has an effect similar to a boston crab but even more painful. Laying back to back on top of her opponent, Tatsuta crosses her opponent's legs and then pulls them back. She then hooks her legs over their knees and arms against her opponent's. From here on she simply curls forwards and cranks all of their limbs, bending each one backwards painfully like an octopus cursed to have bones. This submission can be difficult to maintain but it has rarely resulted in much other than any opponent being reduced to jelly.

"Maze of Pleasure, World of Pain" - Perhaps the single most convoluted hold in her old league's history, this hold manages to stretch a leg, pillory the opponent's upper body, and rub her ample breasts against theirs. It starts with Tatsuta focusing on both of their legs. She takes one and folds it in at the knee, hooking her own between it. She then raises her own free leg and the opponent's, using that to press her opponent's leg backwards. Moving forwards she wraps her arms around her opponent, pulling herself on top of them but catching their wrists and crossing them over her head, rubbing her body against them the whole time.

"Lock and Key" - This torturous twist starts with Tatsuta crossing her opponent's legs and then getting under or behind them. She then snakes her own legs over them, squeeze grabbing the foot and forcefully bending it under the bottom leg. Her arms then snake up under one of her opponent's shoulders and around her neck and locking in, begins twisting her whole body in two different directions, horribly contorting their foot, clamping their neck, and twisting their body in a painful way it really, really wasn't supposed to... all the while often licking and kissing their face and earlobe.



Tatsuta is a veteran seductress and femme fatale, exuding sass and raw confidence in everything she does. Superbly confident in her body and her character, she makes little effort to hide it. However in spite of this she does not see others as peasants and is quite a socialite, being noted for her friendliness and outgoing nature. She has little caring about championships or titles and views time in the ring as a moment to socialize, especially if she is doing so from a submission hold. She is known to be kind to younger wrestlers and does not treat them as a separate class as much as simply those still learning. This affection can be fairly sexual especially if they're in their 20's but she's respectful of their boundaries. Tatsuta likes teaching others her skills both sexual and physical but will show special attention to those she deems younger yet sufficiently mature in this case. She's wary of outright heels even if she had friends who would fall into that category. However, she's almost always up for verbal jousting regardless of one's alignment.


Tatsuta was a hostess, later an exotic dancer, who wanted something more intimate yet aggressive and she found it in a particular wrestling league in her seaside city. Her sexual talents and flexibility contributed well to a midweight emphasizing technicality and finesse sexual and physical. She was often requested to join heel factions and her kinder side was mocked but she worked long and hard to put the fear of her legs into her naysayers. Noted for her fierce independence, she quickly become one of the favourites among both the crowd and many younger wrestlers who saw her as an idol-like figure. With the league's dissolution she returned to the exotic dancer job only for a few months. Once she learned of AFW absorbing her old job, she quickly joined, a little out of practice but quickly relearning her skills.


Character appearance and fitness level[/u]

Tatsuta is a slender and lithe looking woman in most of the promotional photos seen but these have generally been edited to hide her lethal, sharp musculature. Rigorous exercise and a careful diet have given her a body that is equally master martial artist and world class supermodel. With her sleek runway like abs, biceps that tense and seemingly stretch rather than stiffen and get bulkier, and smoothly shaped legs, she is the envy of many women younger and older. However brushing against any part of her reveals this is for more than show; her build is quite densely packed with a form that melds a good degree of power with agility.

Match Record

Yuudachi/Suzuya/Tatsuta/Takao/Nagato vs Mio - Win
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