Erika Adelheid Becker

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Erika Adelheid Becker

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Personal Info:

Name: Erika Adelheid Becker
Age: 23
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 158 lbs
Weight: 5'9''
Entrance music: Jaeger - Daisuke Ishiwatari
Alignment: Face
Nationality: Germany

Personality: Erika is a stern and discipline-driven wrestler, focused and straight to the point that's very vocal about her disdain for even the smallest cheating or dirty trick. She can be a bit harsh and crude with her statements, but she usually looks out to help if someone asks or seems in need, even if she isn't the smoothest one around, and is a bit awkward at times. She's a tad proud, and isn't afraid to put fingers to people's faces twice her size, nor is afraid to snap back at people if they disrespect her. She has an incredible distaste for people ganging up on others, viewing it as a sign of cowardice and weakness, and won't hesitate to rush to help the victim. That being said, her willingness to help others can be her downfall, as she can be too trusting and easily don't see a double-cross coming. She's an avid learner, and if possible, will always try to learn from both matches and talking or training with more experienced wrestlers. Due to a mixture of both exaggerated focus on doing everything right and a bit of her own awkwardness, she still doesn't express herself much in the ring as she fights, much to her dismay as fans don't seem to connect much with her.

Outside of the ring, she's much laxer, although being reserved in a lot of aspects, especially when it is about the more perverted ones, being very easy to embarrass, even if she tries to maintain some of the coolness she gives out on the ring, usually failing. She likes company a fair bit, usually seeking any friends she has and asking if they want to go out with her to do stuff. Her favorite hobbies are fishing, jogging, and reading.

Erika's early childhood memories are something she tries to bury deep into her mind, but it always resurfaces. Her father, being a young man that was not ready to deal with the responsibilities of parenthood, fled soonly after her birth, leaving her mother alone to raise her. The stress of having to support a child by herself and having to abandon her life of partying really took a toll on her, and there was no one for her to release that stress towards, other than Erika. Try as the girl would, everything she did would only cause negative reactions from her mother, sometimes even violent ones.

Eventually, due to her mother's financial conditions, she could not properly take care of her daughter and Erika was relocated to an orphanage. There she would spend a good few years of her childhood, until one day, one of the caretakers came and told her she was being adopted. As she walked down the corridors of the building, the young girl was scared. The only parent figure she ever had was her mom, and she wasn't very nice. She also had many friends there, and when the caretakers said someone had adopted them, they disappeared and never came back.

When she arrived to meet her new parents, her initial reaction was to hide behind the caretaker, frightened. While the adoptive mother did not strike any fear in her, the adoptive father did. He was a very tall man, with an eye-patch on his left eye, and wore some sort of uniform. While at first, she was frightful, she was eventually convinced into going with them. She was all but short of her 7th birthday at the time, and she felt nothing but lost.

It took a while, but Erika eventually got used to her new family. Her mother was sweet and kind, her father could be harsh and quite stubborn with all his "militaristic values" mumbo jumbo, but always meant well, and her older brother was energetic and filled with joy. For what would be the first time in her life, Erika had a stable family, and it felt... Quite comforting, really. The moments her mother would hug and comfort her if she got hurt, or when her father would carry her around in his shoulders and when she and her brother would play tag around the house.

As time passed and they got older, her brother eventually pursued his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler. Erika had fond memories of how he would call himself the Winged Rebel and wear makeshift attires with clothes and blankets as he did elbow drops onto the bed below, much to the amusement of Erika and her mother's dismay for all the mess he made. They managed to get him enrolled in a wrestling school, and in a few years time, he was out there, looking to make a name for himself at the indies.

However, his flourishing career would soon after sudden wither. When coming home from a show, tired from his match, he paid no heed to a red light and got himself on a bad accident on his bike with an incoming van. After being launched from his back due to the impact, he hit his throat on the sidewalk, fracturing his larynx. Fortunately, he was swiftly tended to but even after recovering, the throat injury still made itself present, leaving him with permanent shortness of breath which badly damaged his conditioning, rendering him unable to properly wrestle and ending his career.

The entire family was devastated. Much time and effort were put into supporting his career by the other members of the family, and to see it all crumble into dust was very saddening. Erika couldn't stand and watch her family, which gave her so much, an entirely new life even, stay like that. So she approached her family with a determined proposal: For her to become a wrestler herself. But the path towards that goal wasn't going to be easy. She didn't exercise as much as her brother did, nor did she plan this since childhood as he did. But she had to do it, not only for them but for herself too. All this time, she could not figure out how to make it back to her adoptive family, how to properly make up for all they gave her. What Erika most wanted, in fact, was to have her parents have the joy of being openly proud of having her as their daughter, and there was no stopping her now.

The next years of her life were probably the hardest of her lifetime. Her dad and brother decided that, instead of sending her to a wrestling school, would train her themselves, her dad taking care of teaching her many things he learned at the military, including some knowledge in unarmed combat, and her brother would teach her how to wrestle, all the meanwhile taking her to watch old tapes of wrestling shows and matches to fuel her passion for the sport. Erika was always somewhat of a troublemaker due to her inability to stand down when insulted, so she was quickly enthralled by al the showings of attitude that pro wrestling showed, and all those moves looked sooo cool!. She spent approximately 3 years, going from her 18th to her 21st birthday, the last in which she was gifted her wrestling attire, hand-sewed by her mother with her father's old uniforms as inspiration. After that, it was time to go.

Erika knew that, once she got big enough, she would have to leave the country if she wanted to wrestle for the big companies. And while it was very hard to leave her family behind, even if they would constantly be in contact and watching her, her determination gave her the push she needed. And so, her pro wrestling career in the indies around the world eventually had her enter in contact with a LAW recruiter, which offered her the first-ever contract with a large wrestling promotion. Happily signing it, she could only wish for her family to watch over her as she went to fight in LAW, hoping that she could fulfill the promise she made to herself.
Fighting Style: Erika's wrestling style comes a lot from what her father taught her: Simple in a way, but very effective, as what she lacks in flair and recklessness is equally made up by her discipline and determination. She relies much on her striking when it comes to offense, making use of her whole body to apply heavy damage to her opponent in a variety of ways. Punches, kicks, forearms, elbows, knee strikes and tackles are essential parts of her arsenal, pairing them with her strength to wreak havoc upon her foes and maintain a constant advantage with harsh, powerful strikes. She's no mindless brute, however, making use of a variety of throws and slams that make use of her force to dominate her enemies, although she does lack variety, and can become predictable with experience. She knows a good bit of the basic submission holds, but mostly uses them to give herself a breather, while not letting her adversary get their breath back.

Erika's biggest strengths are both her physical prowess and her toughness, the German fighter being one tough cookie to chomp down on, and biting back even harder. Her biggest weakness, however, is her speed. While not being lethargic herself by any means, and pacing herself at a good enough rate, she's still far from being a fast wrestler, and quick opponents can quickly overwhelm her, being able to stay out of the way of her main source of offense that is her striking. In those cases, Erika will mostly try to strike them as they go for the offense to try and knock them down so she can keep close and not let them move as much. But still, it is a very uncomfortable situation that Erika struggle to deal with, which can lead to her become frustrated and reckless. As for her stamina, she can hold herself quite well, knowing the importance of proper pacing in a fight, although she will still tire herself if the bout drags itself for too long, which can spell disaster for her striking capabilities.

Wrestling Info:

General Stats
-Endurance: 3/5 - She can go for a good bit, but nothing out of the ordinary.
-Strength: 5/5 - Not only does Erika have heavy hands and killer knees at her disposal, but she also has incredible general strength for all-purpose ass-kicking.
-Speed: 2/5 - Erika's speed is her biggest weakness, often having her offense trampled by quick and agile wrestlers.
-Defense: 4/5 - The girl can endure a lot of punishment, both due to her physique and due to her unrelenting spirit.
-Technique: 3/5 - While she is well-versed in a few holds and throws, she isn't exactly a master of 1001 holds.

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 5/5 - Erika's bread and butter. Punches, Kicks, Knees, Elbows, even Headbutts! Every part of her body is a dangerous bludgeoning or cutting weapon!
-Submissions: 2/5 - While she does know the basic holds, submissions are far from her focus, even if she can apply the ones she knows with efficiency.
-Power Moves: 4/5 - Her suplexes and slams may be few, but she certainly honed them to almost perfection, having no issue executing them on girls her size or smaller. When it comes to bigger girls, it still possible but she'll struggle, momentum being her biggest friend when trying to slam a heavyweight.
-Aerial Moves: 1/5 - Definitely not her kind of combat... Unless you count Jumping Clotheslines and Dropkicks as aerial moves.
-Counters: 3/5 - While she will mostly use her physical strength to break off holds, she knows the methods to escape quite a few problematic submissions. Execution of the escape, however, will vary.

Most Used Moves: Clotheslines of all sorts, Lou Thesz Press, Pendulum Backbreaker, Exploder Suplex, Uranage Side Slam, Lariats, European Uppercuts, Flapjacks, Big Boot, Vertical Lift Powerbomb, Knee Drop.

Preferred Matches: Standard and Tag Team.

Attitude towards Hentai: "What in the world would lead one to participate in such things... D-Don't you have any qualms with openly doing such t-things in live tv?"

Signature Move: Baltic Launcher (Michinoku Driver II)
Finishing move: Rebel Wing: With the opponent on the corner, Erika will go towards the opposite corner, before taking sprint towards her foe, rushing in before connecting with a corner spear! After that, she will grab her opponent and hurl them at the ropes. As they come back towards her, Erika will grab them by the thighs and lift them high into the air, using the momentum to create torque as she spins around 180 degrees, before finally diving forward and slamming her enemy hard into the mat with a Spinebuster!


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