Yukie Ayame

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Yukie Ayame

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Name: Yukie Ayame
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Music:
I Beg You
Wrestling Information

Strategy: Usually is a grapple type wrestler getting nice and close personally so they can't escape her so she can feel them out. She tries to work her opponent out with some submission holds and maybe a strike or two to keep them surprised
Style: Grappler Fighter
Preferred Attacks: Any type of suplex, full nelson, spanking, bearhug, atomic drop/inverted atomic drop, Butt Drop, Camel Clutch. Figure 4 leg-lock, pile-driver Camel Clutch,abdominal, Stretch breast smother
Preferred Matches: Submission, Normal, Outside,Smother, prefer not to do Hentai but won't complain about it either

Stats (mot ether use a 0/5 or 0/10 rating system)

Strength: 4/5
Speed: 2/5

Finishing Moves:
Dungeon Stretcher
Yukie will grab a hold of the arms of opponent, then would go and lay on her back lifting them upside down so she can use her legs to spread her opponent's legs out giving them a good stretch and good view for the crowd Image
Locked Captive
Yukie loves to get opponents in this hold as a submission,once she catches one leg with her arm, and the other with her own legs trapping them she won't be letting go for a while. Imagej
Butt Buster
Very simple as she would go behind for a full nelson(going under there both arms and then going up trapping with hands pressed against head)then would lift up the poor opponent and falling sitting position send there butt crashing onto the apron hard

Wrestling Outfit
Casual Wear

Personality: Yukie is one brave girl, and a knowledgeable one in fact. She is not afraid to be getting into any fight as she is always weary on what's going to happen during a match or out fighting others. She usually is pretty calm and very friendly At times she usually can be a little bit of a teaser if it is the right girl to do so and get little touchy as well .She does get sometimes annoyed if things don't go her way and sometimes lash at the person. One thing that is her weakness is she easily gets embarrassed over very lewd things which makes her blush red and sometimes teasing but she personally don't mind it.

When Yukie was young her parents were some average farmers that made a living selling crops in there town and lived a happy life in there title town they lived in. They soon had the baby named Yukie which they were very happy to hear that it was a baby girl.But soon after years, from a terrible drought that happened over the next three years after she was born, she was forced and felt be better to be sent to a fighters place called "Alpha Guild".There she was taught some wisdom by a guy named Dique Sawkak. 44 year old who taught many things on how to protect herself.

As the guy gave Yuki the sword and worked with it over the years learning how to wield with it, defend with it, and parry moves with it. As reaching 18 years of age she basically was a very swell master of wielding the sword now and the guy now thought she was ready for her test. She was ready for a dungeon so with that the guy told her go to Valley's dungeon in the hills to face what you been trained for. Going to the dungeon, she mostly slayed most of the monsters with ease little scratches on her but nothing too major. But problem liked to a big female tiger able to walk on there to paws. while fighting it she tried to slash at its belly but instead he knocked the sword out of her hands leaving her with out a weapon. This gave the tiger female chance to pick her up and with ease lifting her up on his back and started doing a torture rack on her jumping too make the pain worst . This was very much the worst pain she felt. She felt like her spine was going to break whining with all the cracking. the tiger just laughed and dropped her making girl cough and slowly leave the dungeon as quickly as possible to the guy again.Going back she beg for forgiveness and luckily the guy did that it was his fault that he did not teach you how to fight.

This started the training on basic grappling and and strikes but soon releases that she specializes best at grappling. She usually practiced moves with the guy and with practicing she found moves that might actually work using them all the time.. she called them her go-to moves at the time.Now 22 years of age she saw a poster that said that some sort of wrestling organization was looking to have people join in...and it called LAW. She looked at it with some time and took the poster down to talk out with the old guy. The guy said that that's up to you, but would be much safer than fighting monsters and you'll get to experience with people who trained as well with different fighting styles. Thinking about Yukie thought for a moment then decided that she will do it.So going to LAW she had a practice match and it seemed like she was able to do well and handle herself surprisingly. Even she had not much experience with wrestling, she thinks with the training she got believe that she can compete as well as the other wrestlers can.

Fun Fact:
1.Her favorite flavor ice cream is Cherry flavored
2.She likes to party when she gets the chance to
3.She does not mind to have a "little fun" depending on the type of person



LAW Information
Number of matches:
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

Match History
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