Marianne Vernon

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Marianne Vernon

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Marianne Vernon
"I'm going to enjoy this...alot..."

Real Name: Marianne Vernon
Nicknames: None
Age: 24
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Blue (Originally Blonde)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145 lb
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music:
Eyes Of A Panther By Steel panther.

Has no AFW equivalent.

Marianne is incredibly stacked and possesses a thin, fit body. She has a habit of dying her hair many colours, although her natural is often good enough for her. Do not be surprised if one day she switches from green to blue however, as the beauty whom rarely covers herself in body-suffocating clothes aims to be the centre spotlight of every room she is in..

Cocky and confident, Marianne is a figure whom adores attention. She is not the sort who would go out of her way to get it however, nor is she particularly aggressive nor hostile. If another figure is stealing the spotlight however, prepare to see Marianne target such a figure with her modest wrath, as she sets herself on being the only woman within LAW even remotely worthy of the title of Goddess.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Marianne will lure her opponents in with both her body and tone, tricking them into wandering into her mitts. By the time they realise what the bobble-haired beauty is up to, they are often too smothered, too twisted, and too out of energy to fight back. If a woman can resist her urges however, she is often prone to the standard holds and slams of wrestling. A good thing then, that she has a knack for picking her opponents.

Style: Smothering Goddess
Type: Exceptionally Creative

Preferred Attacks: Debilitating holds, smothers, rarely a few chokes. Can use her legs when the time calls for it. Doesn't particularly enjoy striking, nor kicks. She will use each and every curve she has in her smothers, often enough bringing forth new ones that her opponent could not even conceive themselves being victim to.

Preferred Matches: Hentai. Bedroom. POW.

Attitude To Hentai: " idiot...of course..."

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance ★★★ - Goes the distance.
Strength ★★★ - Firm grips and holds.
Speed ★★★ - Has pace, but rarely needs to use it.
Defence ★★ - Not her best.
Technique ★★ - She has some technique, but it's all a little...specialised.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes ★★ - Rare, but her slaps carry a sting.
Submissions ★★★★ - Her go-to, leaving her opponents without the ability to function.
Powerhouse ★★★ - Strong with firm grips for her size, but rarely shows off..
Aerials ★★ - A last resort, but surprisingly not bad..
Counters ★★ - Knows the basics.

Match Ending Moves

Signature Moves
Green Sunset: Head-scissors (Grounded Or Standing).

Red Evening: Belly Smother.

Finishing Moves
Blue Morning: Breast Smother With Body Scissor.

Yellow Night: Face-sit.

Marianne Vernon's Beginning
Marianne's story is an extremely simple one. Following in the same footsteps as Moira Pandela and Mizaki Tantka and posessing a strong history with both, Marianne near enough has the same goals as both beauties. To gain a cult following.

Known in the same industry nearly as much as her two latter friends, where as Moira was infamous for her infectious embraces and loving nature, and Mizaki her extremely infamous breasts, it was the creativity of Marianne that kept her up with the same level as her two more physically gifted cohorts.

Now, she brings that creativity and confidence into the world of LAW; a world she considers ripe for the taking, both in titles, and in its fanbase.

The rest as they say, is history...







Soon, she imagines.

Light Blue
Her Most Common - Green
Letting It Grow
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Re: Marianne Vernon

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Year One
Life Of The Party
  1. Yoko Littner - Bedroom match
    Blue and red clash in the bedroom, in Marianne's debut!
  2. Natalie Novokov - Locker Room
    Straight after her match with Yoko, Marianne wanders the showers, in perverse fashion!
  3. Lindsay Queen - Submission Match
    An in-ring debut shows the world just what Marianne has in store for them.
    Audrey H. - Standard Hentai Match
    Marianne and Audrey try to smother one another silly.
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