Anna Holmes

121-169 lbs / 54.6-81.5 kg
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Anna Holmes

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Name: Anna Holmes
Age: 20
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Red
Height: 5'7
Weight: 155ibs
Nationality: England
Entrance Music: Dirty by Christina Aaguilera

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Overwhelm her opponent's with strikes , and if she has to tries to use sexual attacks.
Style: Brawler
Preferred Attacks: Elbow Strike , Headbutt , Punches, Kicks , High Kick , Hip toss , Body Splash , Flying Elbow Drop , Bearhug , Breast fondling , DDT , Headscissors Takedown ,
Preferred Matches: Titfight , Bed , Hentai , Normal , Messy , NHB , Cage , Outdoor , Beach , Strip


Endurance: 3/5 (Sexual Endurance 2/5)
Strength: 3/5
Speed: 4/5

Finishing Moves

Breast Clutch (A Camel Clutch , but unlike with that move Anna wold grab her opponent's breasts instead of their chin
Double ImpactShow
A Double Kneestrike to her opponent's st while their in a corner
Sexual DownfallShow
A Pussyplex , but as she lifts her opponent up would rub their crotch before throwing them down at the moment supreme if possible
Breast CrusherShow
Would stand over a fallen opponent , adn then jump in the air. Before would land on top of her would attempt to squash their breasts between her legs as she ends up landing on top of them.
Her encounters with Silver(NSFW)Show
First match

Titfight (second encounter)
Wrestling AttireShow
Training/Gym attire




Anna could best be described as a total tomboy by those who knew her. As the woman was known to be blunt , and loved to do some rough housing with whoever she faced or befriended. This roughhousing could n erotic if they were in private as the redhead was not sure she could fight anyone sexual besides her rival for now. Still despise her tough personality she is a softy at hard as all you got to do to see that side was to somehow trick her into accepting an pow match.


Anna Always thought she was different from the other girls growing up. As while they wanted to play with dolls or dress up she was more interested in fighting. It did not matter who she fought as a child so long as she could show off how strong she was . This behavior would never leave her , but who she was interested in fighting would as she usually fought boys as a young girl , but when she became a teenager that chanced to girls.

This chance in behavior was mostly because she started to feel more attractive to other females then boys. This however did not surprise her parents however as they were rather calm when their daughter brought up the fact she believed she might be gay. This caused her to relax as she had worried a little that her parents would not be as accepting as they were. Still it took until she was 16 , and got invited to join the female wrestling team to meet someone who she believed was perfect for her.

While the matches she had in public were fine the stuff she did in private with her girlfriend were why she soon learned to love wrestling. It was this love that caused her friend to invite her to join the local hobby league. While she first fought in the junior league she would start wrestling the other adults when she was 18 , and soon became a rising star takes to her fast striking offense. As while she may be weak in the wrestling she did with her girlfriend in private in the club she appeared to be unbeatable until the moment came when she walked through those doors.

From the moment she saw that girl's brown skin and silver hair she felt an attraction towards her , and when she saw this Silver lay waste to whoever she fought it only made her want this wrestler more. That would chance however when they were paired up together as for the most part of the match they were even , but when the other wrestler would start to use more erotic tactics it did not take long before she was beaten. This moment would mark her first defeat , but Anna would not accept it as she felt she only lost because Silver used dishonest tactics.

While both she and Silver were their she tried many times to beat her , but for some reason all her matches against the other woman were of the erotic kind. This would result in her losing time , and time again as she became obsessed with finding a way to beat her rival. Now this rivalry was completely one sided as it seems Silver did not even notice or knew who she was. However when Anna would try one more time she would be shocked to find that her rival left the hobby league to join LAW.

For the next 6 months she would try to get in as well as she would watch any match Silver was booked for.The way this wrestlers in LAW fought would make it difficult for her to win as most seem to enjoy using hentai tactics.Still unlike before this actually seemed to motivate her as she wanted to prove she was better as she could not stop daydreaming about beating Silver in one of those POW matches. The satisfaction she would feel of winning , and the pleasure afterwards of having Silver for a period of time took over her dream as she and her girlfriend broke up just two months before she would finally get accepted as she now had one goal. That was to fight Silver and to finally take her rival down regardless of the fact if she had to fight just as dirty as she did to do it.

Fun Fact:



LAW Information
Number of matches:
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

Match History

2 Annas hentai debut.Facing Daiy Knight.Ongoing
1 Anna's debut against Cecilia Lombard.Ongoing.
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