Miss Moxxi

121-169 lbs / 54.6-81.5 kg
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Miss Moxxi

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Personal Information
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Full Name
- Moxxi Kincaid

- Miss Moxxi

- Female

- 42

Color of Eyes
- Green

Color of Hair
- Brown

- 5’7”

- 135lbs

- USA (Reno, Nevada)

- Tweener

- ”One Time” by Marian Hill

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- It’s been a long while since Moxxi stepped into a ring on regular basis. So her strategy has changed from one of simply overpowering and using her body to control and submit her opponent to one of mind games and seduction. As a result, she has found herself being picky with the battles she chooses and often stays away from standard matches. In addition, as a manager, she’ll do just about anything to gain the upper hand for her client.

- Moxxi may be small for a power move user, but don’t be surprised when she pulls out a powerbomb. Apart from that, Moxxi will seduce and contort her opponents until they are her plaything. She also loves to put on a show whether in the ring or as a manager.

Preferred moves
- Smothers
- Sleepers
- All varieties of submission moves
- Bearhugs
- Tree of Woe
- Gropes
- Spanks
- Smothers

Favored Match types
- Hentai, submission, substance (WaM), bed

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Stats calculated in normal matches

x►x██████████ x Strength
x►x██████████ x Defense
x►x██████████ x Technique
x►x██████████ x Endurance
x►x██████████ x Speed
x►x██████████ x Stamina

Stats calculated in Hentai Matches

x►x██████████ x Strength
x►x██████████ x Defense
x►x██████████ x Libido
x►x██████████ x Technique

Difficulty in Match Types

x►x██████████ x Normal
x►x██████████ x Submission
x►x██████████ x Hardcore
x►x██████████ x Hentai

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Signature Moves

Slow Hand
- Moxxi locks in a headscissor and then pulls one of her opponent’s legs towards her. Regardless of the match type, she’ll slowly run her hand along their leg and any body parts she can reach.

Heart Breaker
- Moxxi lures her opponent in with sweet whispers and enticing lips, ready to kiss them only to violently slap them across the face. She sometimes follows up with a DDT complete with a spank as they fall to the mat.

Moxxi’s Endowment
- Moxxi will tuck her opponent’s head under her arm before wrapping her legs around their waist for a guillotine choke hold. She’ll then shift their head from being under her arm to between her large endowment to transition into a smother/bodyscissors combo.

- Moxxi begins by placing her opponent in a pleasure rack. In her younger days, she would hold her opponent there until she made them submit. However, mid-pumping and groping, she’ll fall back in a samoan drop variation shortly into priming her opponent, often landing them front-first instead of face-first.


Good Touch/Bad Touch
- Moxxi snakes her body around her opponent to set up an octopus hold where her free hand will wander their body, groping, rubbing, and penetrating anything she can access. She’s been known to hide things in her cleavage that may or may not speed up the process, regardless of the match rules. When the hold is Bad Touch, Moxxi’s free hand will instead punish her opponent and the object in her cleavage is likely to do more harm than good.

Kiss of Death
- Moxxi gets up close with her opponent and locks them into a deep kiss. After enjoying herself and being certain her opponent is distracted, she pulls their face into her breasts where she smothers them. Still holding their head deep into the cleavage, Moxxi drops to a sitout position to drop her opponent with a stunner-like action.

Welcome to Hellburbia
- Sitting her opponent on a turnbuckle or elevated surface, Moxxi will hook her arms under her opponent’s legs and snake her hands up to their breasts where she will get a tight grip, perhaps after a few liberal squeezes. Then, placing her face into their crotch, she will perform various oral acts as they sit in the powerbomb position, only taking them off of the turnbuckle and delivering the powerbomb when Moxxi is satisfied with the results. Sometimes, she’ll sneak Rubi, her bullet vibe, from deep in her cleavage, into her mouth to add a little buzz to the experience. After the powerbomb, she’ll usually crawl on top for a sexy full-body pin complete with some theatrics
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Physical Appearance
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Hey Sugar, I’ve Got Something for You

Always Love a Good Tip

Take Your Time, Sugar

Well What Do We Have Here

Let Me Pop That Cherry

Ooh, Honey, I’ve Got Alllllll Day

You Should See The Other Woman. Now Let’s Go Have Fun

Who Loves You and Who Do You Love?!

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Born in Reno, Nevada to a Vegas showgirl and a circus performer, Moxxi was destined the be a showman, err… showwoman. However, her parents were not married, and while her mother made decent money as a stripper, she knew it wouldn’t be enough to raise Moxxi. So she enrolled part-time at a technical school to learn how to be a mechanic. By the time Moxxi was old enough to reason, she had no clue who her father was, nor did she know of her mother’s previous occupation. Yet, she couldn’t help but always make sure the spotlight was on her.

Throughout school, Moxxi did everything to ensure she had people’s attention, except when she was being scolded by her teachers for interrupting class. By age 12, she was organizing shows at lunchtime. Displaying her strange classmates’ weird talents for others and making a profit was nice, but it was when she got into a fight with another girl over a refund that was being demanded that little miss Moxxi learned what a spectacle and a rush fighting was. Did both girls get suspended? Yes. Did Moxxi get an earful from her mother? Of course. The punishment? Working in her mother’s auto shop after school every day for a month, where she learned plenty of tricks and even bonded with her mother. It was during this time that Moxxi questioned her mom about her father and her past, and she learned everything.

Organizing and being involved in fights became a thing of pride for Moxxi, especially as the fights got more risque and more private in order to avoid suspicion. By age 18, Moxxi was running her first underground wrestling promotion.. Most of the time, the matches were family-friendly, but one night per week, she upped the maturity level with an entire card of erotic matches. Her mother eventually learned of this through an old colleague that Moxxi hired, and secretly called authorities to shut it down, worried that her daughter was heading down a dangerous path. She wasn’t wrong.

Before the anonymous call, Moxxi married one her top male talent, only to divorce him shortly after she learned she was pregnant with the abusive man’s child. Uncertain that Reno was the safest place for her and her child-to-be, Moxxi ran off, disappearing from the map and her mother’s gaze. Several years later, her name surfaced as the champion of an Arizona-based indie promotion. Now twice divorced with two kids, Moxxi was doing well for herself. A few years later, she married the owner of the promotion, only to amicably divorce him a year later and take the promotion as the sole part of the divorce. It was just a side money-making project to him. So she knew he wouldn’t be upset parting with it.

Rebranding the promotion as “The Underdome,” Moxxi quickly got back into the swing of running things. The ‘dome was large enough to host multiple crowds or one gigantic one. 5 days out of the week, Moxxi split the dome into erotic and non-erotic sides, while the 6th day she would open up the facility to host big-draw, non-erotic cards. She didn’t stop there though, as the entrepreneurial spirit inside her, with the guidance of Marcus, her most recent ex, led her to create a financial machine of an empire with multiple bars, a private nature preserve, two autobody shops, and a second Underdome under construction outside of Las Vegas. Occasionally, Moxxi would tend one of her bars located in a secluded city referred to as “Sanctuary,” where she would occasionally find talent. This is where she met her most recent clients, Lilith and Maya, the SIrens of Sin.

Now with ambitions of expanding internationally, Moxxi has led the Sirens of Sin to Japan, where they currently compete in AFW. However, Moxxi’s own curiosity has led her to set up shop in LAW, with the idea of competing, managing, and bringing in new clients eventually, but does she have an underlying motive within the young promotion? Only time will tell.

Cunning, motherly, seductive, cold hearted, ambitious. All of these words have been used to describe Moxxi over the years. They’re accurate, yet they don’t paint the full picture. She shows that she’s flirtatious and personable when tending the bar, calculating and patient when making business decisions, caring and stern when dealing with her children, strategic and sexy when she’s dealing with an opponent or the flavor of the night. Even after 2 kids and 3 husbands, Moxxi still will let her heart and libido make decisions when her brain is occupied elsewhere.

- Thrice divorced with two kids by two different husbands
- Still friendly with her most recent ex-husband
- In fact, she’s kept his last name for her own
- Once hired the Crimson Raiders to instill fear in the heart of her 2nd husband after she was done playing with him
- Gets just as turned on watching a match as she does being in one, even moreso sometimes
- Has an extensive gun collection, highlighted by her favorite pistol, Rubi. While abroad, she keeps a little red bullet vibrator she had modeled after the pistol since she can’t travel with the gun itself.
- Is bisexual and has been known to hit on her most prominent clients, The Sirens of Sin, from time-to-time
- Has opened a bar down the street from the LAW arena, complete with a sunken pit for substance-based wrestling. Sometimes, she’ll even compete.
- Her apartment is located above the bar.
- She’s never met her father despite many opportunities to do so.
- Wears the face paint everywhere except when she’s at home

- Innuendo
- Entertaining
- Profits
- Fighting
- Getting off on a daily basis, whether it’s alone or with another
- Profits
- Being in control
- Winning
- Flirting
- Profits

- When somebody interferes in her business
- Her first ex-husband
- When her flirting is rebuffed
- Wearing a business suit or pants for that matter
- Spending the night alone


LAW Record




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Social Status
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