Suzumi Ishikawa “The Tsunami”

121-169 lbs / 54.6-81.5 kg
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Suzumi Ishikawa “The Tsunami”

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(Adopted with permission from Ragdoll Jobbers)
Real Name: Suzumi Ishikawa
Birthday: June 3, 1993
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 137 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Silver
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face

Welcome to ParadiseShow
Preferred Matches: Smother, Knockout, Standard
Preferred Moves: Breast Smother, Sleeper Hold, Dragon Sleeper, Camel Clutches, Bearhugs, Scissor Holds, Torture Rack, Abdominal Stretch, Octopus Hold

Signature Moves
Torture RackShow
Breast SmotherShow
Tsunami Sleeper: Modified dragon sleeper where Suzumi locks up her opponent from behind with her strong arm around her opponents throat. She wraps her legs around her opponents abdomen and has her left arm free to land softening strikes

Personality: Suzumi can be a bit of an airhead as she only really puts thought into the very few things she cares about. She also comes across to quite a few as something of a hot headed woman, she will not let anyone push her around and doesn't take perceived insults very well. That being said, once she considers someone a friend she is a very loyal person. Also because of her former work in Wrestle Angels and acting she doesn't shy away from the spotlight: She loves it! However, because she is famous she has the potential to appear to others as unintentionally snobby at times or overly cocky for a LAW rookie. Obviously she wants to win like everyone else, but isn't the type to injure anyone intentionally.
Suzumi's main attireShow
Suzumi's bikiniShow
History: Suzumi grew up in Tokyo to a fairly wealthy family. Her mother was an actress who married her agent. The two had Suzumi and she was groomed for show business. As a child she loved acting and participated in her school plays at every turn. However, once she hit 10 she began to enjoy watching wrestling on TV which her parents weren't a big fan of. This didn't stop Suzumi from taking it in every chance she got. She loved the theatrics of it, but she also found the fighting and competition to be just as thrilling.
Once Suzumi began high school she kept up with her acting, but she also would sneak off to a wrestling gym after school. To avoid backlash she told her parents she was at cheerleading practice. She knew it would be fun, but she was surprised she learned it as quickly as she did. She was as good at wrestling as she was at acting, and she'd been in plays her whole life. As time went on Suzumi heard about a promotion called Wrestle Angels. She saw a lot of great wrestlers in there like Thunder Ryuko, Mighty Yukiko, and Panther Risako who she wanted to go up against to test herself. On the day of her graduation, she told her parents about her plans. While they weren't exactly thrilled (her father took the news better than her mother) they didn't disown her or do anything drastic. To this day her choice of career as a wrestler is just awkwardly avoided at family gatherings.
In Wrestle Angels Suzumi showed that the upstart 18 year old was more than a match for the lower card. Upon hitting the mid-card Suzumi continued to enjoy success in some tag matches and she held one of the promotions lesser titles for a moderate title reign. However, she hit a wall in the mid-card. No matter how hard she tried she lost almost as many matches as she won against her equally ranked opponents and when she did fight the top-tier talent she found herself coming up short time and time again. Two year ago, Suzumi was in a nasty match where she not only lost the match but she severely injured her leg. After laying in the hospital bed and thinking she decided that she would leave wrestling.
For most of the last two years, Suzumi spent time acting and enjoyed it immensely. She was already known from wrestling and the first large role she had was a successful romantic comedy. After two more follow-up drama roles that were well received she was on her way to being an A-lister but she felt like something was missing. One day she saw a match from LAW, a new wrestling company, and knew what was missing. Suzumi found herself going back to a wrestling gym and even though she was rusty she was still confident enough that she could wrestle again. Even if her old speed wasn't quite there. To make up for it Suzumi took a more cerebral approach to things and found her technique to be better than it used to be. After training for 8 months she auditioned for LAW by beating a few other roster hopefuls. At the end of the day, it was Suzumi Ishikawa "The Tsunami" inking another wrestling contract. To make things even better a number of her old Wrestle Angels cohorts were also in LAW!

1. First win against Kana Kasama in a Best 2 out of 3 knockouts!
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