Nami Cat Burglar

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Nami Cat Burglar

Unread post by Nami » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:33 am

Name: Nami Cat Burglar
Age: 20
Eyes: brown
Hair: orange
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 147
Nationality: No One
Alignment: Navigator,Pirate and Thief
Entrance Music: We Are

Wrestling Information

Strategy: The strategy of Nami is not definitive, but rather intuitive and fluid when analyzing the scene,situation and opponent,making her an unpredictable fighter and at the same time Pro Active
Style: Mixed Martial Arts,combined with pro wrestling, along with the perception of an good observer and her experience of fights of streets and rings
Preferred Attacks: without preference, since she fights multiple martial arts and focuses on all types of fighting
Preferred Matches: without preference, she fights in all types of matches


Endurance: ★★★ - Because she intensely trained internal martial arts, where it studies Chi or Qi, she can fight for days and continue standing
Strength: ★★★★ - By combining proficiency with her physique, the effectiveness can be extreme
Defense: ★★★ - Besides she have muscles very defined,her bones are extremely strong due to intense callousing in martial arts
Speed: ★★★ - Besides being very fast, she also has good mental and physical agility
Technique: ★★★★ - Thanks to her multiple martial arts, she is quite proficient and creative in technique

Finishing Moves:
"the Bones Crushing" A Extremely Violent and Powerful smackdown
"Remember Me" A Combination of blows that leave wounds that will ensure that the opponent remember it
"The Pirate Smashing" when she grabs the opponent with the thighs on the waist,neck and head,and SMASH violently aim to crush the organs and fracture bones and still hit the opponent on the ground with extreme violence

Her skin is soft and smooth, but the muscles are defined and strong, her eyes is clear and shiny, her hair is smooth and natural
She constantly changes clothes, but her standard outfit is a bra, tight pants and sandals
Current measures of nami
102 cm of Breast
64 cm of Waist
94 cm of Hips

Personality: Nami despite having a good intelligence, she has a mind extremely fluid and adaptable mind, but even so, she is very greedy and does everything for money and treasures!, Accepting any challenges or opponents for rewards, but despite being too greedy for money, she also really likes to traveling and knowledge of everything and a lot,especially of martial arts

Past/History: After many years, as a Straw Hat Pirates member, she was always with her team, but one day she decided to distance herself from her team, not only in search of money and treasure, but also in search of improving herself by becoming a Fighter, learning multiple martial arts, but not only fights for Fun, but also fighting for Treasures and Money, to the point of to confront dangerous opponents and enemies in her Adventures and Explorations, but despite her greed, she also always travels in search of adventure Hunting treasures, facing dangers and fights with all opponents and enemies

Relationships:From LAW,nothing yet


LAW Information
Record: 0-0-0
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

Match History
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