Mauna "The Hawaiian Hulk" Loa.

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Mauna "The Hawaiian Hulk" Loa.

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Mauna Loa
"I have the power of my ancestors behind me. What chance do you have?"

The terror of her homeland, Moa grew up as a rather ostracized girl. She would typically find herself inadvertently breaking the dolls of her fellow friends, unable to properly understand or convey how or why. After some time however, she had an epiphany- Instead of feeling ashamed of herself for being such a mountain of a woman, she decided to use her unrivaled power and strength to intimidate and forcefully persuade others into doing as she wanted, ultimately leading her down a rocky path in life. She did, however, manage to stay out of any serious trouble, save for a few encounters with the common rabble around some dangerous neighborhoods, which she promptly solved using the congenital might she was blessed with. Eventually, Moa grew tired of living on such an isolated island, she developed a sense of wanderlust and wound up stowing away inside of a cargo shipment, fortuitously being the perfect size to fit inside of it. Once it dropped anchor, she caught the eye of a LAW development trainer, and with the promises of being granted the chance to batter her opponents silly, Moa signed on.

Real Name: Mauna "Moa" Loa.
Nicknames: "The Hawaian Hulk" "Moa The Mauler." Age: 30
Eyes: Burning hazel
Hair: Sunset Orange
Height: 6'5
Weight: 240lbs
Nationality: Samoan
Alignment: She doesn't see heel or face. Moa seeks out powerful opponents to test her mettle against them.
Entrance Music:
"Escape the night- Hawaii"

A titanic goliath of a woman, her thighs being the largest assets to her name. A crimson claw mars her otherwise immaculate face, representing her love and adoration for war. Her hook necklace is a nod to her love of fishing, while simultaneously being an indicator of her favorite type of instrument in which to skewer them with. Her right arm is tattooed to represent her love of artistry, something she keeps close to her heart.

Not a woman of words, Moa prefers to let her wrestling acumen and raw power do the talking. However, that's not to say she'd outright avoid someone, but her disposition towards most if not all women is to remain taciturn and calculating, knowing that if she drops her guard for even the slightest bit of banter, she will ultimately end up regretting it.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: With her height and reach being her obvious advantages over just about any opponent, Moa also has another trick up her sleeve that most would think impossible of her- She excels at high flying. Capable of pulling off moonsaults and many other forms of aerial acrobatics, she has taught herself the meaning of "Jack of all trades".

Style: Proud to boast a vast assortment of moves, ranging from DDT's to frog splashes, Moa has humbly called her fighting style the "Art of annihilation".
Type: Always eager to get up close and personal with her victims, Moa will just as soon grab someone and pull them close as she would set them up for a devastating hurricanrana.

Preferred Attacks: Clotheslines, Moonsaults, thunderous strikes and anything that leaves her adversary on the ground while writhing in pain.

Preferred Matches: Anything that pushes her to her limits, or gives her a reason to feel concerned about her chances of emerging victorious.

Attitude To Hentai: "If I feel as if you're worth my time, I wouldn't mind stripping you naked and using you however I please."

Physical Statistics: Relying on her uncanny agility and otherworldly strength to bring home a victory, Moa isn't tentative when it comes to pulverizing anybody who stands in her way on the path to glory.

General Statistics Deceptively quick for a woman of her stature, Moa will be within striking distance in the blink of an eye, and hit with the force of an earthquake to boot.
Endurance 5/5- Capable of enduring even the most harshest of beatings and still mount a comeback, Moa has yet to meet her equal in terms of sheer persistence..
Strength 5/5- Possessing the raw power of a freight train, this frightening fighter won't hesitate to batter someone into the pavement.
Speed 4/5- When at full charge, Moa can outrun almost anybody she's put up against. However, her natural walking speed isn't too impressive.
Defense 2/5- Still unable to understand why she needs to improve this facet of her fighting style, Moa knows the basics and not much else.
Technique 3/5- Never having too many willing participants to try her fighting style on, Moa is still in the process of figuring out where she excels at most.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes 4/5- She might be all muscle, but don't take her muscle for a handicap- Moa knows a myriad of strikes that will cripple even the most tenacious of women.
Submissions 2/5- While not a complete novice in this category, Moa prefers to stand and fight rather than to catch someone in a hold.
Powerhouse 5/5 - Seriously, just look at her- She can hit like a bulldozer and still have enough energy to trample you into next month.
Aerials 4/5- With the speed and grace of a luchador, Moa is a versatile threat both airborne and earthbound.
Counters 1/5- Usually never the type to need to reverse anything that comes her way, Moa never really focused much on this aspect of her fighting repertoire.

Match ending moves "Krakatoa's Eruption" She lifts her opponent high above her head for a scoop slam, only to charge towards the opposite ropes to build up momentum before finally slamming them into the canvas, spine first.

Signature Moves "The Aloha Special" Sending her bare foot into the stomach of her victim, Moa promptly sets them up for a powerbomb. However, given how sadistic she is, the prodigious hawaiian lifts them onto the highest turnbuckle before sending them into the ring below.

Nothing on the LAW circuit as of yet, but she was considered a monster of a woman in her homeland.

Relationships Nothing...yet, but she's had her eye on someone for quite some time.<3

Friends: Nobody to speak of, but she intends on making some friends in her own, special way.

Allies: Who would want to befriend a terror like her?

Rivals: Anyone foolish enough to step into the ring with her.

Enemies: None.

She will "Crush" everyone, but crushes? Not a chance.

Record: 3/2/0
Winner via Krakatoa's Eruption over Lauren.
Win via pin over Stacy and Kaede.
Loss via pin to Seri.
Loss via backbreaker to Lauren.

Attire A brown pair of shorts, with palm tree anklets and emerald green bracelets. Both of these items are fond reminders of her homeland, as well as her fish hook necklace.
Moa carrying Kaede in her arms~
Fear Monger stretching Moa's spine~
Fear Monger, once again, displaying superior strength~
Hawaiian Kick > Hawaiian Punch~
A Ger-Moa-n Suplex~
Moa may be down, but she's never out~
Moa hoisting up her victim~
Moa getting in a nice stretch~
Moa and Agatha cuddling Karbon~
Moa hates geometry, especially triangles~
Moa getting set up~
And getting table'd
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