Cassandra Devlin

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Cassandra Devlin

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Name: Cassandra Devlin
Age: 26
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’5
Weight: 185lbs
Fighting style: Humiliation, and (wo)man handling her opponent into submission.
Alignment: Tweener

Ring Attire and appearance

Finishing move:

Catnap: Cassandra uses her imposing size to weigh down on the opponent, laying herself right on top of them in the center of the ring, with her breasts, belly, or thick thighs covering they face so they smother out, all while Cassandra feigns sleeping.
Cattoy: Cassandra sits down on the belly of a downed opponent, and begins to slap their face back and forth playfully, or roughly. That is determined on how she likes her opponent. She’ll occasionally lean in and give smoochies, or maybe even a small bite, depending on if the ref is looking and if she likes the opponent.
If it fits, I sits: Taking her big, thicc butt, Cassandra sits down on an opponent, in the corner, stinkface style, except she places all her weight on them, with no movement. Acting innocent, the girl typically crosses her legs, and waves to the crowd.

Personality: A full on weeaboo, Cassandra cosplays as a slutty catgirl for fun, and even will ‘sell’ her tail being pulled for effect, which is connected to her panties(she isn’t THAT kinky) so you’ll reveal her ass if you pull, causing the girl to exaggerate her response, and try to scatter off. A complete joke in the ring when it comes to real offense, the girl is there to have fun, and will throw her weight and superior size around the ring and fight only as hard as her opponent. Preferring fun matches like smother and humiliation, but able to branch out and will try her hardest in any matchtype.

History: Particularly quiet about her backstory, only that she is a cringy catgirl, and loves videogames. Some say this is just an act for some girlfriends and boyfriends, but who knows.

In a relationship with Karbon Mannering
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