Yumbo Yamamoto AKA Digger

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Yumbo Yamamoto AKA Digger

Unread post by Tybo226 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:44 pm


Name: Yumbo Yamamoo
Height; 6'0
weight: 320 lbs
nationality: Japanese
Alighnment: Heel

Entrence music:

Wrestling style: Powerhouse with a surprisingly good ground game also not afraid to use whatever she needs to do to win be a weapon or a cheap shot

Favorite moves: Banzai drop Clothesline splash stomach claw headscissors

Signature moves: Earthquake splash

running leg drop (she will try to pin by leaving a leg on her oppenent)

Finishers: Coqunia clutch

Package Piledriver

Personalty: Yumbo is a jerk there's no getting around that she's a savage in the ring not sparing anyone physically or verbally she's the type that tells it like it is and is unapologetic about it that being said outside she's a lot more chill that doesn't mean she's less of a jerk but if she has respect for you she'll offer a seat and a drink otherwise she could care less about you or the rules

Past: Yumbo along with her Partner and best friend Hornet dominated the tag team division of BWQ crushing every team foolish enough to step in the ring with both of them on her own Yumbo was a force not to be taken lightly she was regarded in her gym Miyabi she was a titan among them and the stable the League of Evil never afraid to use whatever she needed to win now with a new league and more victiums Yumbo is ready to finally get a title she deserves and hopefully get payback on Berserk for constantly being a huge thorn in her side
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