Korra the Enforcer

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Korra the Enforcer

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Name: Korra
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185
Nationality: South Africa.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Entrance music: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hZO1yinBXq4

Personality: Korra is by no means out to be anyone's friend. She cares about very little, and the few things she does care about usually aren't people. She has no concern for others well beings and is more then a little arrogant in her abilities, something shes not afraid to show off. While she does have a soft spot for people she deems funny or interesting that spot can end as quickly as it began if said person fails to provide her with such interesting or funny things. She does carry a love of performing though, and will gladly put on a show while she's on camera, though its generally better for anyone around her to catch her only when there's camera's around.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Go in and hit the person in question..a lot. If that doesn't work using her muscles with finish off any lingering will to fight her, namely by bending and bending someone until they break or just slamming them into oblivion. A very simple strategy for her to exploit when and if needed. There is a brain in there though as Korra is smart and resourcful, in the event a change of strategy is needed she'll resort to trying something different though her stubbornness usually causes her only to give up when the only other option is to do so. Unless she's fighting someone shes come to hate in which case she defaults to whatever works as soon as possible.

Preferred Attacks: Bodyslams. Camel clutches, Punches

Preferred Matches: Standard, Hardcore matches, FCA matches.

Attitude To Hentai: "You'd have to pay me more for that dribble."

General Statistics
Endurance 4 - Taking hits does not register as much as it should with this girl.
Strength 5 - Korra packs a punch, its easily one of her scariest traits.
Speed 3 - Korra is pretty quick on her feet though hardly the fastest girl around. Usually enough that her strength gets a chance to shine when she catches her opponent.
Defense 2.5 - her most exploitable flaw is her lack of concern for countering or any kind of defense. Her first idea is attacking above all else.

Signature Move
Camel Sleeper: Korra locks in a camel clutch and then tries to pull the head high enough to lock them in a sleeperhold.

Korr-Hammer Korra goes for a Bullhammer.

Finishing Moves
Enforcer's backpack:: Korra puts her opponent on her shoulders and positions them for a backpack stunner

Running Powerdrill: Korra attempts what appears to be a running powerslam before instead dropping them straight down as she drops down herself. Looking to drop the opponent on there head.

Hentai Finisher:


Korra was not one to be trifled with, that much was clear when she started in the CWF, a simple women who took a mercenary approach to wrestling, you paid her she showed up and won her match and then was back to doing her own thing...whatever said thing was. Though most don't even know where she was from aside from what she tells them, which is very little besides a place and a name, and even then not even a city or any relatives she might had Still she was an entertaining lot, while she didn't stay for photo ops or fan signings when she was on the clock she did her thing and showed off and entertained everybody which was enough for most of them. It certainty proved to be enough for Robin who simply got to her with a few simple words. "Help me crush my enemies and you can have all the money you want." It was an offer she couldn't refuse.

Robin had a lot of enemies but that was fine for Korra cause it meant Robin was willing to toss out a lot of money to help dismantle them and when Robin had her infamous invasion of wrestling territories, Korra was the physical force leading the charge to do, with Mendez herself being the closest thing to a voice of reason she had. The rest of the CWF met there matches and made rivals in these new territories but nothing they could throw at them could keep Korra down and she proved too crucial to CWF's victory in the final battle eliminating 3 of the opposing members by herself. Establishing her dominance and marking her name to be put on the map.

Though once CWF won Robin looked to other places finding LAW among them and shocking even Korra when she signed on to actually compete. Though once the decision was made the choice was clear, Korra joined her there, doing her bidding and invading places for shits and giggles proved to be the most lucrative and fun thing she had done since she arrived on the wrestling scene and without her CWF would be a dull experience in comparison. Besides there were many new faces in LAW, and many new bones and bodies to break.

None so far.


Allies: Robin Mendez



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