Unryuu Kisugi

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Unryuu Kisugi

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Full Name: Unryuu "Cloudy" Kisugi
Nickname: "White Dragon"
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 6'11”
Weight: 295 pounds
Hair: White
Eyes: Light gold
Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face

Preferred match types: Normal, submission, hentai, body to body only

Fighting Style:
Unryuu is not an agile woman but she is capable of sudden bursts of speed and force. She can strike and take-down with alarming speed once she enters a certain range. She's also quite resilient, showing little overt discomfort as she recovers from attacks and endures round after round of sexual pressure. However she is held back by her overall slowness when it comes to general movement speed and responding to counters and sudden attacks. Her attacks are also fairly simple when it comes to strikes and throws though they are compensated for that with by impressive power. Her ground game is submission based and quite powerful, capable of fairly advanced holds especially with her densely muscled legs. She loves to use lengthy and powerful body presses, focusing little on sensual rubbing or spirited grinding as much as a steady stream of immense weight. This is assisted by her incredibly large breasts and tree trunk like core. Any motions during these body-to-body moments will be slower but powerful in their effect, best described as a tidal wave in slow motion.

Finishing Moves:
"Dragon's Maw" - As pictured below, this move simply wraps the opponent's body up around Unryuu's back and sides. However Unryuu often uses her legs to create a stranger and in some ways crueler variant of this submission. Her opponent's right leg will be stretched over Unryuu's belly and then hooked by Unryuu's left leg. Unryuu's right leg then hooks itself over the inner thigh of her opponent's left leg. With one arm around the back of her opponent's head and another around her own right thigh, Unryuu pulls both sides of her opponent's body inwards while awkwardly stretching out one of her legs. The resulting move reduces both to a compacted, lightly shaking ball of pure agony that leaves opponent's a crumpled, whimpering mess in its afterwork.

Imprisoning CoilShow

"Shattering Fangs" - Using her impressive strength, Unryuu lifts her opponents high over her head, faces towards the ceiling. She then brings them down while moving to a sitting position, bringing up their back down on both of her knees.

Unryuu is a quiet woman who usually appears more interesting physically than she does behaviourally. Her lethargic persona and relaxed approach is rarely very imposing and sometimes she seems to ignore people just to focus narrowly on a particular facet of their personality. However few things escape her watchful eye, handy for one who is hard to read. It is difficult to tell when she is upset or angry while positive emotions at best are treated with a smile. However she prefers to be more physical in how she expresses herself, quite comfortable being sexual around others in a laid back and casual manner. She dislikes overt heels, cheaters, and those who are otherwise unnecessarily cruel but hides it well behind her quietly polite nature. However once in the ring, she will not hesitate to humiliate them often through slow, sustained crushing and flattening.


Unryuu was a chef before she was a wrestler, working in small family restaurants and mostly keeping out of sight. Some interpreted this as shyness but in reality it was her general disinterest in interacting with the public. Few things really motivated her in spite of her well paying jobs and ample career advancement opportunities. She found it difficult to find a partner who was fine with her titanic physicality and passive nature. Somewhat starved for attention, she was not terribly proud of having had to resort to "rentable" girlfriends and boyfriends though it is through these encounters she learned of the Seaside Wrestling League. This lewd wrestling group was exactly what she wanted and soon, she was able to put her impressive size, resilient, strength, and sexual hunger to good use and for a short while hold the heavyweight belt. She took a break after it was absorbed into LAW but before any future careers could really start up, she threw in her lot and decided to see how many women she could make obedient to her hard body.



Unryuu physically looks somewhere between youthful and middle aged. Her usually lax expression is contrasted by her incredibly well defined body. She curves at the edges of her belly, arms, and legs and some might dare to say it appears she has pinches of flab. However these quickly solidify into iron hard muscle. She is not very bumpy in terms of her abs, biceps, and thighs with more long and smooth plateaus that look shiny under neon lights and gracefully, marble smooth even without that. Her proportions are very even throughout and hint at a slight bulkiness but this only manifests in the rare case she decides to fully flex. She has the fourth largest breasts of all the Seaside League wrestlers, by and far the bustiest face-aligned wrestler, and their globular, semi waterdrop shape retains in shape even without much arousal.

Character Appearance & Musculature

Match Record

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