Yuki "Marshmallow" Megumi

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Yuki "Marshmallow" Megumi

Unread post by RiotGrrl » Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:31 pm

Name: Yuki "Marshmallow" Megumi
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Rumored to be at least over 350lbs - Kayfabe Billed as 500lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music: Fat Bottom Girls - Queen

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Uses her immense size to squash
Style: Wrestling
Type: Lovable Rogue

Preferred Matches: Any

Favored moves: Stinkface, Splashes, Test Of Strength, Slams, Leg Drop, Abdominal Stretch, Stump Puller, DDT, Scissors, Corner Splashes, Cannonballs


Cheeky Marshmallow: The move that gives Yuki her nickname, "Marshmallow." With a downed rival, she will run toward the ropes, bounce off them and on the return leap to land butt first on their chest, simply sitting there for a pin afterwards.


Death From Above: Yuki gets a rival down and exhausted near a corner and proceeds to climb through the ropes and up the nearest turnbuckle. From there, after the crowd have gasped or cheered, she will leap off and come crashing down on her rival to squash them for the pin. She can do this as a splash, a banzai drop or similar (players choice) One thing is certain, after the lands her immense weight, you'll need a spatula to lift the poor girl off the canvas.


Physical Appearance:

Death From Above Incoming!Show
Post Match WinShow
Personality/Past: Yuki is a fun loving girl who adores wrestling in all its forms. She is so nice that she rarely uses her full weight to crush a rival. She even had been known to playfully apologize after squashing down on a girl, but secretly does love the way it leaves rivals helpless. She has wrestled for a variety of different promotions over the years and has a soft spot for cute wrestlers. Not just in terms of looks but also in their gimmick.

It is rumored that she is very close therefore with the Super Adorable Cuties, and can regularly be found training with them (squashing them for fun!) and is quite protective of the pair. This protection also extends to wrestlers who she admires or has a crush on.

She can be either a girls best friend or worse nightmare!

Outside of the ring, Yuki is a complete video game nerd. She even made herself within Fire Pro Wrestling and to date has been the most downloaded character by her legions of fans who cant get enough Marshmallow! In her native Japan, she was offered over five million Yen by a businessman who requested she wrestle at a nightclub on a regular basis in Tokyo. Yuki agreed, but the businessman didnt tell Yuki that it was to be an erotic show.

After Yuki found out, she flat out refused and proceeded to sit on the benefactor's chest with all her weight until he agreed to release her from the contract. At the time, Yuki failed to realize that this probably excited the businessman more than it was meant to.

Yuki is aware of people who like to be squashed and have a kink for bigger girls, but she prefers that for the bedroom. Oddly enough, she is so large that sometimes she can smother without even knowing it

Wrestling Attire: As shown

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