Red Dragon

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Red Dragon

Unread post by RiotGrrl » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:29 pm

Name: Red Dragon
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
Nationality: Undetermined (Somewhere in Asia)
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music: None

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Uses throws and a rivals strength against them. Known for kicks and grapples. Makes use of her assets.
Style: Wrestling
Type: Believes in Karma. Will defend herself more than outwardly attack. Calm and will match her rivals intensity and style

Preferred Matches: Anything

Favored moves: Slams, Chokes, Kicks, Clutch, Crabs, Sleeper, Surfboards, DDT, Corner Moves, Splashes, Asian Mist, Claws, Ground & Pound, Ceiling Hold, Stretch Muffler, Foot-pressed Arm Stretch, Pinning Combinations, Smothers, Pushes and Palm Attacks.


Dragon's Kiss: Red jumps on her rivals back and applies an inverted facelock, She wraps her legs around their waist for a body scissors and applies slow pressure until they submit or pass out. Given her weight, it puts all the strain on their neck and back.
Dragons Crush: Red will scoop up her rival in her arms and squeeze to crush them in a bearhug. The combination of her power and the sensual aspect of her large breasts makes this a deadly combo. A simple enough move but effective against the right opponent

Dragons Darkness: A move that Dragon uses only when requested by her benefactor. She will apply some form of smother to gain a pin, submission or knock out of a rival. These will be improvised and can utilize virtually any part of her body


Physical Appearance:

Chinese OutfitShow
Rare Lingerie ShotShow
Personality/Past: Personally wise, Red is a gentle girl. She knows how to fight and can be lethal if she wants, however she uses her Buddhist teachings to value all life. She will often impart her zen on rivals to open their mind and free them of desire which enslaves them.

She is strongly against cruelty in all forms and will never do more than she has to in order to gain a win. She is far more defensive than aggressive often keeping rivals at arms length or wearing them down with submission holds.

Outside of wrestling, she doesn't trust a lot of people so those who gain it have a friend and protector for life. She had arrived in LAW on the whim of a mystery benefactor who pays for all her accommodation, training and needs.

She is well aware of her femininity and curves and will use them when necessary (Her benefactor requests it)

Red Dragon's exact details are a mystery. A lot of her past has been classified by several Governments which indicates that she was a person of interest.

What is known is she spent a lot of time moving around and have been seen living in several cities.

A recently redacted data dump that was released to the media, shows that she has extensive knowledge of physical combat. She grew up in Asia (location unknown) and was discovered on the streets of Lhasa by Tibetan Monks. They took care of her and allowed her to stay in the temple provided she undertook of the discipline of Martial Arts. Red excelled at this, and by the age of 16 she was out performing and beating other Monks who had studied for much longer. At age 19 she was allowed to leave by the Lama and backpacked around the World. It is here that her history becomes murky.

Her real name is a closely guarded secret that she and the Monks know. It is suspected she is an orphan but will never speak of her birth family.

Wrestling Attire: Various
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