Michelle Von Stratesburg

170+ lbs / 76.657+ kg
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Michelle Von Stratesburg

Unread post by RiotGrrl » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:10 pm

Name: Michelle Von Stratesberg
Sex: Female
Age: 34
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 275lbs
Nationality: German-Swedish
Alignment: Tweener (heavily face)
Entrance music: Riot - Dance with the Dead

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Uses anything where her size is a factor. Doesn't intentionally hurt people.
Style: Wrestling
Type: Tweener. Lovable Rogue.

Preferred Matches: Any

Favored moves: Smothers, Scissors, Suplex, Headlocks, Slams, Corner Moves, Powerbomb, Splashes, Crabs, Clutches, Sleepers, Leg Drop, Headbutt, Elbow, Hip Attack, Chops, Banzai Drop


Schadenfreude: Taken from the German to mean joy in another's downfall or suffering. Michelle will take a dazed rival and lift them up gut wrench style to spin them upside down. From there she is free to nuzzle between her rivals legs to tease them before planting them into the canvas for a Tombstone Piledrver. However, because she is so tall, and holds them so high, the girl hardly hits the canvas, so its more for show than to crush them. Michelle then rewards her rival as she subjects them to a heavy smothering for the count.
Stockholm Syndrome: With a rival sat up in the ring, Michelle slides her thighs either side of their head to sit on the back of their neck. The increased weight literally squashes her rival putting pressure on the back, abs and neck. She can grab the arms to trap them making a verbal submission the only way out

Das Zerquetschen: Literally translates to "The Squash" Michelle lays a rival out in the middle of the ring and proceeds to run into the ropes, bounces off them, runs to the others on the opposite side, and then thunders toward her fallen rival and leaps to come crashing down on their chest for a Seated Senton/Vertical Splash. From there, Michelle can add a smother as she sees fit


Physical Appearance:


The Ass of DoomShow
Personality/Past: Michelle is a gentle giant. She loves wrestling and will happily take on almost anyone. She never intentionally hurts a rival (unless they deserve it!) She also will rarely use her full weight (so dont be put off)

However with 275lbs crashing down or sitting on a girl, sometimes injury is possible (Kayfabe) She loves works so much that she will take on smaller wrestlers, and groups of smaller wrestlers (lightweights/middleweights) and effectively "job" to them.

She could obviously destroy anyone if needed, but Michelle prefers to entertain the LAW crowds. She takes her style from wrestling legend, Andre the Giant who she adores and idolizes.

Often she will be tied up in the ropes, just as Andre did and let smaller wrestlers work her over a bit.
Rope TieShow
The flip side is her heel role. Again she is "heel light" in that she won't hurt or humiliate a rival but it's hard to argue when such a big woman wants to splash or smother

Wrestling Attire: Underwear with thigh highs and boots.
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