Katrina Andrews

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Katrina Andrews

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Name: Katrina Andrews
Sex: Female
DOB: 11/7/93
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 275 lbs
Nationality: USA
Alignment: Face (Lawful Good)

"How does it feel...to confront a force of nature?"

Entrance music:
Victory music (to be played after a win)

Wrestling Information

Strategy: She isn’t one for fancy tricks, a very straight forward striker. Can also break you in a submission.
Style: Striker
Type: Powerhouse

Preferred Attacks: Strikes

Preferred Matches: No real preference.

Endurance: ★★★★ –She survived multiple hurricanes, including her namesake. She can sure as hell take you
Strength: ★★★★★ –Pure power is her bread and butter
Speed: ★ –She gets in trouble against speedy opponents
Defense: ★★★ –Can roll with the punches as much as the next guy
Technique: ★★ –Not fond of fancy holds or tricks. Prefers to just storm forth

Favored moves:

Abdominal claw
Big boot
Flying forearm
German suplex
Inverted Atomic Drop
Left hook

Finishing moves:

“Hurricane Warning” (Last Ride)

“Greetings From Bourbon Street” (Torture Rack)


Visual Appearance:

Katrina is rather tall, muscular individual with long flowing black hair. To the ring she wears a long, sleeveless black and gold coat. In the ring she wears a black spandex bra with metallic gold trim with matching wrestling trunks and boots.


Solemn, dignified and not afraid to party and/or kick your ass. Katrina is your typical Southern belle. Katrina’s personality reflects her hometown: Tough, resilient and proud.

Although it’s hard to tell through her outer exterior, she has a soft spot for small cute things, especially children. Has a nephew whom she’s particularly fond of.

Katrina, more than anything, wants to bring pride to New Orleans, and you can see that in the way she wrestles, and in her color scheme, the same as her city’s beloved Saints, you can also hear a stray “Who Dat?”during her matches


Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Katrina had your typical New Orleans upbringing: getting fat off of gumbo and jambalaya, screaming like a banshee at Saints games, and dancing to Bourbon Street jazz bands. Things seemed to be going swimmingly until Hurricane Katrina hit.

Katrina was 12 when Katrina hit, and it devastated her home city, but it also had a personal effect on Katrina. For the frankly ridiculous reason of the fact that she shared a name with the hurricane that wrecked New Orleans, she was ostracized by most of her friends. She was found crying on the stoop of a jazz club when an elderly jazz musician found her. When asked why she was so sad, she told him her story. The man told her what she needed to do: Find a way to represent New Orleans to the nation and to the world.

Katrina was sixteen when her growth spurt hit, and it hit like a truck. Now well over 6’ tall and muscle bound, she realized that wrestling was the best way to represent New Orleans, just as the old musician said. She started in the New Orleans underground, and eventually found out about LAW. Now she can make her dream of proudly representing New Orleans to the entire world!

Entrance Attire:

Wrestling Attire:
Fun Facts:
-Even though a hurricane basically nearly ruined her life, she still adopted hurricane imagery in her music and overall presentation
-Although she’s now on a diet, she still can’t resist a pot of gumbo.
-She’s a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints.

LAW Information

Record: 1-1-0

Vs. Clover Rose

Vs. Tina Meyer



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