Lalatina Ford "Darkness"

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Lalatina Ford "Darkness"

Unread post by DeviousAnon » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:43 am

Dustiness Ford Lalatina - The Ultimate Jobber.
Huge thanks too ragaz for letting me have her! Age: 22
Height: 6'1''
Weight (With armour): 220 lbs
Weight (Without armour): ''You'll have to tear that armour off me to find that out. Please...''
Alignment: Face
Nationality: Japanese-American
Nickname: Darkness (That's how she would call herself in the ring, so that she wouldn't be recognized as a daughter of two some of the most well known families. Yet, the nickname has absolutely nothing in common with Lalatina).

Fighting Style: Complete and utter domination. Except that she's on the receiving end of it... Lalatina usually wins not because of her skill or strength, but rather the lack of other's. Those who are defeated by her, lose from exhaustion, or maybe because their limbs hurt more than Lalatina's body...

Endurance: 6/5 - Puts other masochists to shame. She lives for pain and torture. Those things are like drugs to a drug addict.
Strength: 4.5/5 - A big and strong woman, constantly carries around a sword and is always clad in armor. And her physical training routine is similar to that of Saitama's
Speed: 2/5 - Unmoving and immovable. Yet pretty quick to rush into a blow.
Stamina: 4/5 - Her opponents tire out before her, always. To be honest, she hardly does anything to attack the opponent, though...
Technique: 1/5 - Can hardly deliver harm to an opponent and even if she manages to do so, it's usually by accident.
Strikes: 0/5 - Her ability to miss her strikes is beyond hilarious.
Submissions: 1/5 - Sometime's you might find it more hurtful for you than her when trying to squeeze this lady.
Powerhouse: 2/5 - Is pretty good with power moves... That happen on accident...
Aerial: ''Oh, that looks painful. Excelent!'' - If she accidentally hits an opponent with it, then it's 5/5, but if she doesn't (like usual), then it's 0/5 and then she only hurts herself, which is a win-win situation for her either way.

Her parents were from two very well known companies. One was Japanese, the other was American. Her father was Ford. Yes, that very same Ford that makes cars. While her mother was from Dustiness family. The two married and had a very nice, but a very weird girl, named Lalatina. They were filthy rich, young Lalatina would always get whatever she wanted, everything would be given to her on a silver platter. However, the blond found no joy in this kind of life, she felt empty. She attended the school of a highest level, with other children that came from rich families. Yet, everyone seemed to ignore the girl and so didn't really make any friends there.

Her whole life she had this strange feeling, that she had to help people, to proctect them, yet in this community, no one needed any help. However, when her schoolmates would start fighting over something, the relatively big blond would step in between the two other angry kids and stop them with literally her body. After taking more and more blows, something was awakened in her. With every blow she felt not pain, but pleasure. This way she stopped every single fight that would've happened in their school. She would take every single blow that was meant for her an not for her alike. At some point they even started throwing stones at her, while Lalatina only replied with ''More!'' They were throwing rocks until they ran out, then they went to punch her until their fists got too hurt to punch, then they kicked her until they were too tired to kick or even stand for that matter. As for Lalatina, she just stood there, with her clothes torn, her body bruised and bleeding, yet she was only feeling pleasure.

When she got home, her parent were angrier at her each time she did this. It was unacceptable for a lady like this to act like a brute, like a brute masochist, in fact. Well, for Lalatina this rich, boring life was unacceptable, so she had to make a choice.

One day the girl simply grabbed some money and left home without telling or hinting anyone, She changed her looks a little and wandered around the world, making her own living. She'd mudwrestle on occasions. Once worked as a test dummy in a gym, There were surpringly many people who wanted to try her out and that made the gym more famous. Later, Lalatina got an invitation to Japan, to some wrestling promotion, where she was instructed to take some blows and lose, so she did exactly what she was told and yet to everyone's and even her own surprise, she won... The managers were speechless - her opponent simply couldn't put her down for the count. The opponent himself was down for the count instead, despite Lalatina not landing a single blow... That was probably unseen in fighting history.

That match caught the attention of a big company in Japan - LAW, but we will get to that later. During her travels, she found a new passion, which was cosplaying, cosplaying as a knight, since she thought that she embodied those virtues to the fullest. At one such convention in Japan, she met a really hardcore cosplayer named Harley Crimson. They had a talk and realized that they shared a similar passion for cosplaying, they played battle for a little and since Lalatina was a big girl, Harley invited her to a gym to help her train. Well, essentially, Lalatina was just a punching bag. The two talked during training session and Harley then mention that she wrestles in LAW and that they have plenty of strong fighters in there. The big blond felt ecstatic at those words and decided to join this LAW immediately. Funny thing was that just when she got home, she had mail waiting for her - an invitation to signup for LAW. They gave a place to stay for the knight, without any rent. So now, she's only waiting for her debut match, for her first ''victim'' as she would enter the ring under the nickname ''Darkness'', which made absolutely no sense, but she didn't want to be recognized by her parents. But in that case, shouldn't she wear a mask? Well, her parents certainly don't watch wrestling, so it was only important that the name Lalatina Ford Dustiness wasn't flying around the media. And anyway, as of now Darkness's standart attire was her suit of armor and a sword. And they weren't fakes either, they were the real things. So, her identity should be relatively safe.

Personality: Darkness initially presents herself with an aura of pride and nobility, preaching about her duty to shield others from harm. She speaks in a very serious tone of voice and often comes off as very mature.
Despite these outward appearances, however, it does not take long for Darkness to reveal her true character: that of a complete masochist. While she does want to protect others, her masochistic urges are what ultimately drive her to commit many of her “heroic” acts. Her masochism extends to verbal abuse as well. One of the only types of humiliation Darkness is not okay with is being made fun of by her real name: Lalatina.

Though her masochism is her most prominent trait, Darkness is a very kind and caring individual and can often be seen as the most courageous woman, never hesitating to put herself in harm’s way (though most of the time she has ulterior motives)...

-Is a damn masochist and enters a fight not to win it, but to be abused physically and verbally, instead.
-Could not hit her foe to save her life. That's not a problem with morals, that's a problem with accuracy.
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