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Nachi Kuroda

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Full Name: Nachi Kuroda
Nickname: "Steamroller"
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 6'4”
Weight: 235 Pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light brown
Ethnicity/Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face

Preferred match types: Normal, submission only, hentai, body to body only

Fighting Style:
She is a ruthless and technically adept fighter whose immense strength and tenacity is tempered by a martial dilligence, resulting in calculated but powerful attacks that destroy an opponent's stability first before crushing them under frictious, sexual body to body work and excruciating submissions. She is somewhat similar to Nagato though differs in the higher level of technical skill she employs as well as a stronger emphasis on strikes, especially with chops, elbows, and kicks. Even against larger opponents she will not hesitate to batter and bash them until they're stumbling or knocked off their feet before slowly breaking down their limbs with holds or rendering them shuddering and tensing up with delightful arousal by grinding them body to body with her extremely frictious abs. They've been likened to being as rough and friction-generating as sandpaper but as steamily wonderful as receiving a professional massage.

Finishing Moves:

Traitor's Pillory: Nachi's most humiliating finisher is based off of the spider clutch seen above but differs in that Nachi has modified it to be even crueller. Rather than solely targeting her opponent's head, she uses one leg to hook against the back of her opponent's knee and pull it all the way up to their shoulder, seizing their other leg with her other arm to fold them up completely. While this means she only has a single hand to focus on her opponent's neck, she gets around this by clenching her fingers around her ankle in order to ensure her opponent is crushed and stretched. She's looking for ways to modify this submission but understandably has trouble finding volunteers...

The Immobilizer: This nasty hold by itself does immense damage to a single limb but Nachi can modify it as she needs according to the situation. If an opponent tries to strike at her or flails too much, she can grab their head pull it past the outer side of their leg, cruelly folding them up and straining their back on top of their tortured leg. If they can't be held down, she can roll onto her side and turn it into a more conventional leg lock. And unfortunately for her opponent's, she's trying to look for even more variants~

Hanging Tree Indian Deathlock

Nachi is an often serious, stern woman whose confidence is immediately notable yet who remains free from self important pretense. While she lacks a particular code of honour, she rarely compromises or lies. She cares little for pleasing others, often refusing easy squash matches and on occasion outright losing a few purposefully in order to spite questionable promoters. However, Nachi does not hold back if her opponent deems herself strong willed, believing experience is the best teacher and a hard knock is a necessary test any wrestler must endure. In spite of this, she herself is not a cruel person, unafraid of making new friends and passing on her skills. She is perhaps a bit kinder towards younger, smaller women and enjoys teaching them the post though she enjoys those around her age and with similar headstrong nature. While somewhat blunt with her words, she holds little malice as much as distrust and disdain towards those who have disappointed or gotten on her bad side.


Nachi was an experienced security guard and later on, a fitness model, known for doing things her way and letting few things off the hook. Somewhat controversial and prone to butting heads with her superiors, she did not stay in modelling career for too long but not before leaving a mark. However, a quiet desk job even if it paid well left her unsatisfied. As a martial arts practitioners, she wanted something hands on that would not only hone her body and mind, but satisfy her normally unspoken desires. However, she would discover the Seaside Wrestling Federation through a discrete email sent her way; the topic matter at first ludicrous or even taboo but piquing her interest. It was not long before she found a new world of friends and enemies, locked in competition that was as much sexual as it was combative. She rose through the ranks quickly not just in terms of victories and losses but also her ability to garner support, shaking up the hierarchy wrestlers who predated her had established and creating a faction of talented women across the weight spectrum of her own.

Eventually, she would become the Federation's final champion at what was the absolute peak of her popularity. Defeating Nagato Segawa in a hentai match where body-to-body was the necessary condition for victory, she would lead a short reign of just a year long before LAW would acquire the Federation. While many of her friends disappeared afterwards, she promised LAW her arrival would come after some time spent alone and on break... in reality, gradually convincing her old opponents and allies to prove to the world that even in a "serious" league, they weren't to be trifled with.


Nachi looks to be in her late 20's bodily but her facial features are more matured and almost middle aged. Her muscles are not very large compared to other wrestlers but they're incredibly dense, allowing her to look lean compared to Nagato but having almost as much pure power compacted into a smaller frame. Of note is her incredibly well defined stomach; her abs are not incredibly bumpy but resemble almost a smooth hilltop or the prow of a ship. While they aren't visually as intimidating as some of her opponent's, they're incredibly smooth and resolute visually, belying their impressive friction generating capacity. Her breasts are larger than pictured but retain a similar teardrop shape and have a touch of a perk to them, growing larger as she gets more aroused. In terms of arm strength her arms look a bit long at first due to the leanness of her muscle but ask her to flex and smooth biceps will become like somewhat stretched out roadbumps in terms of shape. Her thighs are thick but slope and thin as one travels down to her knees, smooth but lined with powerful hidden muscle waiting to crush anything caught between them.

Body Type References

Match Record

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